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I’ve Been on a Personal Finance Hiatus

For the past few months, really the past few years, I’ve been quietly probing my brain trying to discover if my wealth planning and financial journey has been the most optimal route.  And while I believe that I’ve done very well, at this point I think I would change a few things slightly.

If I were to rate my personal finance performance for the past 10 years, I’d have to give myself a B+ and maybe even an A-.  While a B+ is good, I think if I had done a few things differently, I probably could have raised that rating to at least a solid A- and probably a full-out A.

So for the next few months, I’m doing a lot of number crunching with Microsoft Excel and reviewing my financial beliefs and practices.  Shoot, maybe I’ll even write a book or perhaps even something a bit more ambitious in the future based on my analysis of the past 10financial years and how I could have followed a better path.  It’s a learning process, and since I didn’t come from a rich family, I’m still making mistakes along the way.  Small mistakes, not major ones, but mistakes all the same.

I wrote this just in case anyone wonders what has happened to me and why I don’t post with the frequency that my previous posting schedule followed (which was daily).  Hopefully I’ll be able to provide new exciting content that has a lot of benefit to the reader both in entertainment and in useful financial processes.




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