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2017 New Year Resolutions

Today is the last day of 2016!.

It’s time to communication the new year goals I am going to pursue in 2017.

Small City Fireworks
Small City Fireworks

1.) Ignore unwritten rules that can be ignored.  I’ve found that most of the unwritten rules we learned through key people and media channels do not really apply to me.  Instead I will be as I always am… respectful to others, considerate and helpful when it’s not to my detriment but I will also flow into whatever I think would be interesting or enhance my knowledge and understanding of life.  For me this is big, and to be honest I’ve already started this as a POF (proof of concept) for half of the 2016 year.  I want to expand on this and push more deeply onward this new year.

2.) I will broaden my reach out to new people and groups without as many predetermined filters.  These past years, I’ve been very impressed by the types and quality of people I have met that I would not normally associate with.  Normally, I’ve ignored people who I consider a better class than in which I was raised.  In the recent past, some friends told me that I come across as “stuck up”, when in reality I was just intimidated by those (both females and males) that I considered who were better than I was.  My fear was that I couldn’t relate and they would have a negative impression of me.  While the intensity of fear has decreased, I still feel uncomfortable with such interactions, but I won’t shy away from them as I had in the past.

3.) I would like to start a few new things that can help both me and others!  I mentioned this in my Year End Financial Results 2016 article.  I don’t know the entire scope of this yet, but I have the materials and knowledge (or desire to learn the tools) that I need to pursue opportunities that I didn’t have in the past.  The most rewarding for me would be to create something what would have the broadest reach and could create something that could benefit as many as possible.

So, these are my three goals for 2017, short but not simple…

Have a great new year!



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