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Navy Shower

Showering the Navy way…



This summer, I started showering the Navy way.  Ironically, I didn’t know it was called that at the time.  I was showering, and thought “Wow, most of the shower water is being wasted and that I could reduce my water usage”.

Here is What I Did:

So I started to soak myself, turn off the water, scrub down, then turn the water back on to wash away the soap and shampoo.  I cut my water consumption by about half.  Later, after I got a rhythm, I was able to cut my water usage by at least 80%.  I’m sure it’s possible to achieve a better percentage, but this was fine for me.

At the time, I thought it was pretty clever and I told one of the older guys at work…  He said “So you took a Navy shower huh”.  I googled it, and apparently, that’s almost exactly what I did.

A Navy shower is one where you:

  • Soak yourself
  • Turn the water off
  • Lather up and scrub
  • Turn the water back on, and rinse
  • Dry

My buddy (a Navy man) told me that the fresh water stored on the ship was a limited supply.  And apparently, to conserve the fresh water, everybody would follow the technique above to save as much water as possible.

Practicing such a technique will:

  1. Save you money (less water waste)
  2. Conserve water (better for the environment)
  3. Keep water hot for the family (nobody likes a cold shower)

What a great way to get more bang for your buck!  You (and your family) will benefit 3 ways all at once.

I don’t practice this on very cold winter days, although, it’s a great way to wake up!  Coffee is overrated anyway… 😉

Another debatable perk is…  After doing this for a while, taking a nice regular hot shower is a treat, almost a luxury.  I now make sure I take a regular shower at least once a week just to reward myself and enjoy it!

Anyway, that’s my 3 cents for the day!


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  1. Garretot,
    Hi welcome to the site, I try to update the site Monday thru Friday (at least for now, maybe more request in the future…) Except when I’m on Vacation (I just got back from Disney today 🙂 )

    Welcome to the site! Thanks for the quote 🙂

  2. Thanks, I’ll try this out!

    I’ll make sure I try it this summer, winter would be too cold for me.

    But HEY, any little bit helps? Right!!!