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Forget the Economy, I’m going to Disneyland

Well, actually I’m going to Disney World, but hey… close enough!

Disney's Cinderella's Castle
Disney's Cinderella's Castle

WOW, I really underestimated the costs that are involved with a Disney vacation in Florida! I thought the trip would cost around $2,500.  It turns out that booking the tickets, flight and dinning plan has a price tag of $4,500!  Ouch! I’m sure the final cost will be closer to $5,000 dollars 🙁

I don’t like spending that much money!  But with my son approaching double digits in age (he’s 9), we figured we should go now while he is still young enough to enjoy it with us.  This might be the last trip to Disney we take, it really depends on how much the kids enjoy it.  But with a price tag that will approach $5,000, I’d rather use the money towards a good quality, used car 3 years from now.

On the new experiences side of the trip: The flight to Florida will be my daughter’s first ride on a jet.  Also, this will be the first time we’ve went on a vacation with friends instead of our family.

How am I paying for this?  I’m charging this trip to my credit card.  But wait, I’m not going over to the dark side of financial balance sheet!  I will pay this trip off next month!  We are just using the credit card for convenience, and the reward points.  This will be the most money I have ever spend on vacation.

This is one of those life balance milestones, that I can now check it off of the “need to do at least once” list…  Disney will be a great memory for kids, and I’ll make sure plenty of pictures will be taken.


6 Responses to Forget the Economy, I’m going to Disneyland

  1. How many days are you going for $5K? It seems like you, your son, and your daughter… I think for 3 people that seems pretty reasonable.

    I am also planning a Disney World trip and it’ll probably come in under $1.5K per person, for 5 days.

  2. SeeJaneGetRich,
    Hi, I just got back today! Yeah, I figure it really cost me over $5,000… There are better way to do it, I just was kind of rushed. Usually I’d plan for months in advance, but this was kind of rush-rush deal.

    Welcome WellHeeled,
    I went for 7 day, they had (and still have) a special where you can buy 4 days at a resort and get 3 days free. We had 4 people, I booked both my flight and dinning plan thru Disney. Make sure you make dinning reservations a week or 2 before you go! We started the week before, but ended up with some pretty late dinners because all the prime time dinners were taken.

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