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The Warren Buffett & Bill Gates TV Special

Last night didn’t disappoint!  Warren Buffett is such a clever, intelligent speaker!The I was going to comment on the CNBC special last night that I mentioned yesterday, but Financial Samurai beat me to the punch!

Click here for Financial Samurai’s excellent summarization of the tv special that happened last night at 9:00pm ET.

So instead, I thought I’d write a quick list about the reasons I like Warren Buffett:

  • He doesn’t flash around his tremendous wealth.
  • His house isn’t a huge mansion, see the picture below…
  • He live humbly, at least compared to his net worth.
  • He was able to become fairly wealthy at a young age, before he became megarich.
  • He make an incredible boring area (investment) interesting with his witty speeches.
  • He’s a good positive role model for the business community.
  • He give billions to charity, so he’s a great philanthropist.
  • He tries to help the market with his advice.

I admire and respect Warren Buffet so much, that I consider him one of my top 2 financial heroes! Click the link to read more about Warren!

3 Responses to The Warren Buffett & Bill Gates TV Special

  1. I agree with you Don. I like that he has the money but he isn’t flashy with it. He seems very humble and grateful for what he has and gives away so much of it. That’s the best kind of billionaire for the world!

  2. Warren is a class act…

    I don’t own any bershire hathaway, but it would almost be worth owning some just to go to the annual stockholder meetings… Hmmm I wonder if some sharehold might have recorded on of the meeting and put it on YouTube, Hmmmm.