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Do It Yourself (DIY) To Save Money


When I was in school, I remember a particular teacher that taught that it’s better to great at one job, than to be mediocre at many jobs.  I humble disagreed.

I think it’s better to know how to do as much as possible!  Some of the things that we pay professionals, is quite entertaining.

I just want to say that it really pays to be able to do things yourself.  Anymore, labor costs are the biggest expense of fixing things.

List of some of the things I’ve fixed myself are:

  • Rotated my tires
  • Fixed my electrical garage door rail (just needed oiled really), It was getting stuck.
  • Changed car brakes in both our cars
  • Fixed countless toys
  • Washing Machine (twice)
  • Laundry Dryer
  • Lawn Mower (multiple times)
  • Shower head
  • Alarm radio
  • VCR (a long time ago)
  • Cassette Player (4 years ago)

Being able to fix things myself has helped me with my saving goals.  Now, I almost always try to figure out how to fix my things first, before calling in the professionals.

Do you have a list of DIY things you’d done?

4 Responses to Do It Yourself (DIY) To Save Money

  1. I don’t really know how to DIY repairs on my car. Which is why I set aside ample funds for 13-year old car!

    My bf does a lot of repairs on his car, and he’s also really good with computers. So I lean on his expertise sometimes. In exchange, I walked him through opening a Roth IRA online.

  2. Good point about the car repairs…

    Whenever working with something heavy like that or moving parts, sometimes it’s better to let the pros handle it. 😉

    Your bf and you sounds like perfect compliments to each other!

    I hope your trip to disney is a blast!!! 🙂