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  1. Valentina
    December 1, 2009

    My commute is incredibly short … from bedroom to kitchen to spare bedroom/home office. Oh how I miss the corporate world!!!

    Actually I love long trips. I prefer to drive by myself or if I must have someone with me I rather hope that it is someone who is not given to chatter. What I love to do on my solo long drives (most often to visit my daughter who uproots every so many years – sometimes further, sometimes closer and sometimes a drive would be too long … I have seen much of the US following the gypsy around :-)

    OK… get back on track. What I usually listen to on my drives is good music which is an eclectic collection of old and new, classic, jazz, rock, gosh even some country … but you have given me an idea, next time I’ll get some audio books to take along with me :-)


  2. MoneyReasons
    December 2, 2009

    I’ve never really thought about what it would be like to leave my corporate work environment!

    People always talk about leaving the “rat race”, but really it’s not that bad, and I’ve build up some nice friends over the ages.

    Music is good for short drives, but for those long ones… audiobooks rock.

    Most people I suggest this to blow my idea off, but those few that do decide to try it, love it! It’s definitely the way to go on long vacations!

    The key is to borrow the audiobook from the library, instead of buying it.

  3. Patrick
    December 5, 2009

    I used to make a 7 hour drive a several times per year and audio books were the perfect solution to help the time go by. Most of the books I listened to were about 6 hours long, so it was the perfect length to listen to half on the way out and half on the way home, mixing in music, talk radio, and silence in the rest of the trip. My commute now is too short for audio tapes (about 15 minutes), so I just listen to the radio. I still enjoy audio books on long drives, but I am married now, my wife and I usually don’t want to listen to the same stories. :)

  4. MoneyReasons
    December 5, 2009


    I know where you are coming from on the audiobooks and the wife (and in my case kids) not wanting to hear that same stories. For those vacation trips, I now have to have headphones and a portable audio device (tape, CD, mp3 player). Elsewise, I’ll have to listen to about 20 “Magical Treehouse audio stories…

    I wish our minivan CD player came with a headphone socket option… Oh well.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  5. SeeJaneGetRich
    December 15, 2009

    I love listening to audio books. I listen to them all the time. The longest book that I listened to was the Count of Monte Cristo. It was either 43 or 48 hours long. Its a great way to pass the time and still stay focused on the road.

  6. MoneyReasons
    December 15, 2009

    Count of Monte Cristo sounds good, I’ve been listening to some of the old classics too…

    The longest audiobook I listened to was “The Dark Tower” series by Stephen King.

    Yeah, I alway get a kick out of taking a negative and making it a positive, or at least less negative…

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