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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Year 2009 was tough, but it was also the bottoming (or turn around) year for many important economical areas.

Last year, we saw a lot of bottoming happening:

  • the Stock Market bottomed in March 2009
  • the Housing Market started bottoming in the Summer of 2009
  • In fall 2009, housing prices started to recover.
  • The labor market’s decline practically bottomed too.

So while 2009 wasn’t a great year, it was an important year just because  most things either bottomed or show signs of bottoming soon.  As for the government, and what they are going…  I’m not so happy with 2009… 

I think the “cap and trade” legislation that passed by 1 vote, is a big mistake.  Hopefully, the politicians will be thinking more clearly this year.   We’ll see…

Anyway, I just want to personally welcome Year 2010!

2009 was important, but I’m glad to say goodbye to that year.

I wish everybody luck and prosperity this year! 


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