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Lemons to Lemonade Series #2 – How To Stop Drinking Pop

A year ago, I use to drink at least 4 cans of pop (coke, soda, soda pop or whatever you call it) a day.  And to make matters worse, at least 2 of those pops, were bought from vending machines.  So, that means I would spend at least $1.75 a day for something that doesn’t help my health and while costing little still adds up to $12.25 a week.  

no pop

So I stopped drinking pop, and decided to drink the filtered water at work instead.  That worked out well, at least for a week.  After growing up with pop, milk, coffee, tea and lemonade, just plain ole water just didn’t statisfy my taste buds anymore.  So what was a poor pop addict like me to do?  

Well I chose to go with the single flavored packets for bottled water packages (both Lipton and Wyler):  

 The Lipton packets run 10 for $2.00, but I only add 1/2 a packet per water mix, so it only cost me .10 cents per serving.  The Wyler Pink Lemonade is even better, it’s only $1.00 for 8 packets so it only cost me .04 cents per serving.  So on a typical day, using these only cost me  about .60 cents. or $4.20 a week.  These are much healthier than soda pop drinks.  

Yes, I know that this is a small way to reduce cost, but it’s also a healthier way to go than just carbonated sugar water.  

Do I occassionally still drink pop?  Yes, of course I do, but now it’s maybe a can a week or every other week.

3 Responses to Lemons to Lemonade Series #2 – How To Stop Drinking Pop

  1. David @ MBA briefs says:

    I like to use the flavored packets too, especially the fortified flavor packets with immune boosters, glucosamine, fiber, etc. Krogers grocery stores has generic versions which are a little cheaper. If more people drank this stuff instead of soda we’d all be more healthy.

  2. Ah, great idea, maybe I’ll work some of those in the mix too! I’ll have to check to see how much they cost in my area!