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Lemons to Lemonade Series #2 – How To Stop Drinking Pop

A year ago, I use to drink at least 4 cans of pop (coke, soda, soda pop or whatever you call it) a day.  And to make matters worse, at least 2 of those pops, were bought from vending machines.  So, that means I would spend at least $1.75 a day for something that doesn’t help my health and while costing little still adds up to $12.25 a week.  

no pop

So I stopped drinking pop, and decided to drink the filtered water at work instead.  That worked out well, at least for a week.  After growing up with pop, milk, coffee, tea and lemonade, just plain ole water just didn’t statisfy my taste buds anymore.  So what was a poor pop addict like me to do?  

Well I chose to go with the single flavored packets for bottled water packages (both Lipton and Wyler):  

 The Lipton packets run 10 for $2.00, but I only add 1/2 a packet per water mix, so it only cost me .10 cents per serving.  The Wyler Pink Lemonade is even better, it’s only $1.00 for 8 packets so it only cost me .04 cents per serving.  So on a typical day, using these only cost me  about .60 cents. or $4.20 a week.  These are much healthier than soda pop drinks.  

Yes, I know that this is a small way to reduce cost, but it’s also a healthier way to go than just carbonated sugar water.  

Do I occassionally still drink pop?  Yes, of course I do, but now it’s maybe a can a week or every other week.

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  1. I like to use the flavored packets too, especially the fortified flavor packets with immune boosters, glucosamine, fiber, etc. Krogers grocery stores has generic versions which are a little cheaper. If more people drank this stuff instead of soda we’d all be more healthy.