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MoneyReasons Weekly Cache – 2010, Jan 31

MoneyReasons Weekly Cache – 2010, Jan 31

 Random Thoughts:

My kids are so different with their finances! 

My son constantly wants to spend his money to buy things (mainly Star Wars Lego pieces).  My daughter is totally frugal at age 6.  I asked her why she likes saving so much of her allowance, and she said “I want to save my money in case my family needs it“, needless to say, I was floored hearing this come out of a 5 year old’s mouth (she was 5 when she said this).

I’m just amaze at how different they are…

My Favorite Top 3 PF Blogger Posts For The Week:

  •‘s post  “The definition of FAILURE:”  – In a nutshell, this post is about the learning process.  Many times we hear about the great things our leaders have done, but what we don’t realize is they failed many times before they perfect their contributions to society.  The blog author David does a spectacular job of backing up this post with quality supplemental material that supports his post!
  •‘s post  “Jane & Ideal: First Dinner Party – This is a very funny post between Jane the “actual financial blogger” and Jane the “ideal financial blogger”.  This is an incredible humorous post about the internal struggle between Jane’s efforts to control cost via being frugal versus doing the dinner party the correct way so that it is enjoyable for her guests.  I really enjoyed reading Jane’s new alternative format, plus it’s incredible funny!  Jane definitely hit a home run with this post!!!
  •‘s post  “Economists – Capitalists or Socialists?” – After reading this post, Greg made me say “oh really” out loud, in the past I always thought of an economist as a 2nd conservative cousins to math professors.  But Greg points out that they are actually more liberal than conservative.  Click the link to his site and check out his post, it rings true (he also points out some noteworthy considerations!).

My Favorite Post From MoneyReasons This Week:

  • My favorite post this week is my interpretation of Maslow’s hierachy of needs applied to personal finance via My Financial Pyramid.  It’s rough around the edges, but the general base is there…

 Goals Status Update:

Well this year (and this month in particular) is off to a bad start for me. 

  • Work has been trying (nuff said…)
  • I missed my monthly target goal this month of losing 9 lbs.
  • My stock pick in the “The Samurai Fundis down (with the rest of the stock market…)
  • My lottery ticket (the first and last), didn’t win (really big surprise there hehehe)
  • Update: my son has pink eye… (poor guy!)

You might think I’ve turned pessimistic for the year, but I haven’t!  Hopefully it gets better from here on out.

 Goal #1: 2010 Resolution #1, Losing Weight While Saving Money

 Date Weight/lbs. Loss/Gain 
 01/02/10 235 0 
 01/09/10 234 1 
 01/16/10 232 2 
 01/23/10 233 
 01/30/10 232 1 
 Total Loss for the Month:3 

As for my other goals (#2,#3)

  • Not much happening here, I’m starting to organize my work area a bit more.  #3 is well on it’s way, it the only goal I’m happy with.  I’ll probably remove that one soon.  And after I get 2 fully under control, I’ll remove it from this list too.

Next month, February 2010 will be a much more exciting month!  My sister’s having a baby and I’ll have my house paid off.

8 Responses to MoneyReasons Weekly Cache – 2010, Jan 31

  1. Thanks for writing a great post. I read a lot of financial blogs, and when I come across ones where I learn something new, I consider the day a success.

    I’ll be stopping by more often, that’s for sure! I had to add both your site and mbabrief’s to my blogroll. It’s easier for me just to click on the links there (or on’s blogroll list, anymore it seems like I’m always checking out his site :))

  2. Thanks for the shout out Don! The post was really fun to write and I am glad to hear that you thought it was funny!

  3. @Jane

    Both funny and clever! I think we all fight that battle between wanting to do a great job with something, and the cost to do that something… It sounds like you chose the best path possible (especially considering it was your first dinner party!)

    I hope we see that cool format again in some future post. Just to add some spice to things every now and then (wish I had thought of it, very clever indeed!!!).

  4. Hi Don, thanks for mentioning my post on failure. I’m glad you liked it and I appreciate that you shared it with your readers.

    And thanks for adding me to your blogroll, they’re a great way to network but I’m like you and use it as a bookmark for all the sites I like to visit. I think you are on my list but if I haven’t added you bet I can quickly fix that 🙂

    • Hi David!

      I really like posts that when I read or listen to them, I learn something new. I never heard the bit about Edison before, so I found that very interesting!

      I think it’s important to point out that we don’t develop if we never fail. Failing is part of success! Many of our inventions were failed attempts to do something else. Funny how many things are like that in our culture…

  5. @FS

    Or as I like to say “Go Baby Go” 🙂

    Too bad in after hours trading, it’s already dropping a bit…