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MoneyReasons Weekly Review 2010, Jan 10

Money Reasons Weekly Review

My Favorite Top 3 External PF Blogger Posts For This Week:

  • Well-Heeled Blog – has a great article on lifestyle changing goals called “Small Steps Will Lead to Lifestyle Change“.   I like Well-Heeled’s approach towards her goals!
  • Financial Samurai’s The Samurai Fund – All Hands On Deck! – This is a great experiment that the Financial Samurai is running to try to beat the S&P 500!  His idea was to create such a Fund based off of the names of Financial Blogs that submitted them.  I’m part of the list of 17 as MON (Monsanto, which creates engineered seeds).  Best of luck Sam!
  • Mrs Micah – Talks about her Biggest Financial Foul up, Incredible story of Mrs. Micah and her husbands battle against debt of over $100,000.  That’s a lot of debt, but at least she’s very young (you wouldn’t guess that based off of her writing though!)

My Favorite Post From MoneyReasons This Week:

  • My favorite post this week is Perfect Snow, it didn’t start out that way, initially writing it I didn’t think it would amount to much, but after I finished it, it invoked such great memories.  It’s has more personal value than monetary worth.  I do think everybody (in the snow belt, anyway), should take advantage of perfect snow every now and then (by skiing, sledding, walking at night, etc)…


Goals Status Update:

Off to a slow start on Goal #1: 2010 Resolution #1, Losing Weight While Saving Money, I only lost 1 pound this week, time to redouble my efforts next week.

 01/02/10 235 0 
 01/09/10 234 1 
 Total Loss for the Month:1 

As for my other goals (#2,#3)

This week was busy socially, I had to shovel the drive twice and the kids has a snow day (they went sledding and had hot chocolate afterwards), and we went to 2 birthdays this week.

Not a bad start to the first business week of the new year!

2 Responses to MoneyReasons Weekly Review 2010, Jan 10

  1. Looks like you and I have similar resolutions Don 🙂 Good job on the 1lb weight loss. A little is always better than nothing!