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Pet Costs, a New Spin

Bad news today, my wife informed me that we will need a new carpet for the family room because of our dog!


Carpet Patching
Carpet Patching
Chocolate Lab

Our dog is a great dog, she doesn’t chew on furniture, the kid’s toys or anything that she’s not suppose to.   We have a lot of fun with her, especially at Christmas.  You see, she get’s her own Christmas presents wrapped up.  Since she can smell the cheap rubbery smell of new dog toy, she know that it’s hers and gets excited along with the kids on Christmas day.  She actually opens her own presents.  Overall, she’s been a good dog!

Unfortunately, our dog has a very bad habit:  She dreams!

Yep, it’s true, she dreams… 

How do I know this?  Because I’ve seen her on more than one occassion do this.  She make a whimpering sounds like a horse, and tries to run!  It’s the most bizarre thing!  Well, the problem is that as she’s running while on her side lying down, her claws on her front legs catch on the carpet.  This effectively shreds the carpet over time (as I learned much to my dismay yesterday :().  For now, I’m going to put a rug over the spot, but eventually we will have to buy a new carpet (or redo the floor in some other type of material… hmmmm).

So, I’m not sure what the replacement cost and labor will be to replace our carpet, but I’m betting it’s at least $500…  So, tack this cost onto the cost of owning a pet!     It might be possible to repair the carpet, but that might look just as bad…

I have to wonder if anyone else has any stories about the damage caused by owning a pet?

This is the first, that I can think of it happening to me…

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2 Responses to Pet Costs, a New Spin

  1. Oh no – sorry to hear that. Can you buy scrap carpets for her and make sure she sleeps in a certain part of the house? That way once she scratches up a piece of her “bed” you can just replace the carpet scrap.

  2. Good ideas!

    Ironically, we just got her a nice doggy bed for Christmas. She does sleep in the bed at night, but occassionally, she still takes a nap at her old spot on the carpet beside our big comfy chair.

    For now we’ll just hid the spot with a doggy rug, or a strip of carpet we saved from when we built the house (thanks for the idea of using a carpet scrap) 🙂

    I’ll have to ask around to see if the patch job would look bad or not. I hate spending money on an entire new carpet for the room. Especially while our dog is still kind of hyper…