Smart Reasons to Save, Use and Invest Money

Reasons To Save Money

Money is a powerful tool, it can either make or break us.  Since this blog is called Money Reasons, I’ve decided to list reasons to save money. 

Money Reasons
Money Reasons


Reasons to save money:  

  • Retirement – This has been beat into the ground, but I want to have a fairly decent retirement!  Even thought my retirement is far away, I think I’ll start rebalancing my portfolio every year.  At the very minimum, once a year!
  • Emergency Fund Who knows when disaster will strike again!
  • Vacations – Someday, I even want to travel overseas,at once!!!  Or go back to Disney!  We had a wonderful time and made some great memories.
  • College Savings – In the nearish future, I want to help my kids pay for college .  I’ve been investing in a few 529s, but I still have a long way to go.
  • Car Purchases – I don’t want any more car loans!  The next cars I buy will be bought outright!!!
  • Home  Repair – Things break (water tank, furnace, AC, new carpet, flooring, sinks, etc), and some day the roof will need reshingled.
  • Kid’s Sports – they add up!!!
  • Sense of security – It’s nice to know you have money invested in things that could appreciate greatly in value.

Money is a funny thing.  After all, it’s really just a small piece of paper.  the value that we assign to money, floats with thing going on in our economy and world.  And yet it’s what we all go to work for most of our lives. 

Do you have any additional “Reasons for Money” that I may have missed? 

If I had enough money, I’d travel the world and mainly manage my investments.  What would you do?

2 Responses to Reasons To Save Money

  1. Don,

    I will add one thing. What I like about money is that it gives you choices. It was very important for me not to go into debt over law school because I wanted to have a real choice about what I did after law school. I came across a lot of people who were stuck in the legal field because they had too many debts. Because I do not have any debts I have choices about what kind of law to practice, where and how even the choice not to practice law if I so choose. I don’t have any student loan payments coming my way. And it is an amazing feeling. 🙂

  2. SeeJaneGetRich,

    Hmmm, good point! I was lucky, I didn’t have any debt when I graduated from college with my undergraduate degree (my sister didn’t either). However, if I were to get a law degree, I most certainly would have to go with student loans.

    I have to say having no student loans made things a lot easier for me after college! It’s an entire level of stress that I never had to deal with.

    Kudos to you! Less stress is great!