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Top Blogger Financial Goals and Predictions

I found a lot of great writeups about 2009 results and 2010 goals! Since I didn’t have any 2009 goals to review myself, I was at a loss. So instead, I’m just highlighting some of the other top financial bloggers that have excellent goals and predictions.

While I have created 2010 goals for myself, I still need to create spreadsheets and other tools to track them. The most important 2010 goal I have is being healthier (by weight loss and exercise) and I started that one already, the rest I’m still finalizing and will post later.

So for you reading pleasure, below are some of the best goals I could find out in the financial blogsphere…

2 Responses to Top Blogger Financial Goals and Predictions

  1. Financial Samurai
    Thanks man!

    I think your Samurai Fund sounds like a great experiment! Brilliant idea!

    Look out S&P 500, there’s a samurai in the house!!! 🙂