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MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, Feb 14

Weekly Cache – 2010, Feb 14

Week in review:

I joined J.Money’s The Millionaire Club, this is a club for aspiring millionaires to be.  Blogging buddy Jane @ and I went in together.  It’s more fun that way!

For valentines day I took my wife to a Chinese Restaurant that we both like.  The food was great as usually.

I’m tired of clearing my driveway of snow.

My Favorite Top 3 PF Blogger Posts For The Week:

  • ManVSDebt‘s Tyler Durden’s Guide To Personal Finance – This is Jack’s Adam Baker’s financial interpretations of “The Fight Club”.  I think Adam did an awesome job of pulling out some of the best quote from the movie “The Fight Club”.  The only one missing is “Just slide”  which I interprete as just let everything go and do whatever it takes.
  • MBABriefs‘s 5 Ways to be happier – guaranteed – David has produced a list of ways to improve your overall level of happiness on a day to day basis.  Most the the tips that he provides don’t require a lot of addtional work.  So give it a try!
  • Frugal Dad‘s 33 Essential Items For Your Bug Out Bag – This is the list of everything you need if you need to “Bug out” in an emergency…  Very impressive list!

This Week:

  • My favorite post this week is “The Catch With Winning A Free House” which is a story about my best friend’s Sister (she’s a close friend of mine too) and how after she literally won a brand new house (really a townhouse), she had to deal with the tax consequence.

Status on other thing’s I’m involved in:

  • My stock pick in the “The Samurai Fundis doing better, In fact it was chosen Forbes Company of the Year.
  • I went to “Donuts and Dad” with the kids, it’s a nice program.

 Goal #1: 2010 Resolution #1, Losing Weight While Saving Money

 Date Weight/lbs. Loss/Gain 
 02/07/10 231  1 
 02/14/10  233  -1 
 Total Loss for the Month:0 


I forgot to mention that I’m officially on the map, at‘s “Map of PF Bloggers“!   I stumbled across it, and it’s actually pretty cool!  It appears to be a google map with various pf bloggers on it.  Definitely worth checking out.



4 Responses to MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, Feb 14

  1. I just found you on the map! You’re not too far from me. I have never been out that way. Maybe someday! 🙂
    .-=´s last blog ..See Jane Become a Millionaire =-.

  2. @Jane

    That would be cool! 🙂

    Some days I feel like an island out here… I was thinking of twittering you if I’m ever out in DC.

    I think it would be pretty cool to be out in the DC area with respect to pf blogging!

    If you take J.Money up on his offer, you’ll have to tell me how meeting some of the other bloggers in DC went!!!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Don! I really appreciate you adding me to your list for the week, and I’m glad you liked the article.
    .-= David @ MBA briefs´s last blog ..Easy ways to improve your memory =-.

  4. That article was a great writeup on the topic!

    Seems like a lot of your articles are home runs though… 🙂