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Are You Too Smart to Be Rich?

Is it really possible to be too smart to be rich or successful?

I think that it is entirely possible to be too smart, here are a few cases:

  1. Perhaps those that went to a high caliber college came out with a slight elitist attitude?  I would like to suggest that they make decision on what they think is correct and not objective data…  So when Johnny, a graduate from a local state college ran the numbers and suggested something different… he gets largely ignored.  After Johnny turns out to be correct, sometimes those smarter than he, still largely ignore his research and conclusion.  Johnny, who knew that he was in the right, finally gets upset and quits…  Then Johnny goes on to start a competing business based on his research and knowledge.
  2. Perhaps another example would be the learned man/woman that just doesn’t have time for trivial matters, they are living for a higher goal.  They are in a perpetually in a state of learning (or enlightenment), soaking up everything like a sponge!  I have a friend that has a doctorate degree in chemistry.  But he works at a grocery store…  He has been going to college his entire adult life.  As long as they are happy this way, who am I to judge.?.
  3. Perhaps you are smart in certain areas, but can’t communicate those thoughts and ideas.   Nothing discredits a brilliant idea as the inability to communicate your thoughts so that others can comprehend what you are saying.  As a technologist, I have many friends that fall into this camp, including myself to a lesser degree.

Other smart people are held back from being rich because they don’t have the ambition, drive, or focus to do so.  I’ve seen entire families like this.  I think this behavior is learned…  Perhaps they don’t believe that are deserving enough?

There are countless other scenarios… some don’t delegate tasks out, or try to do it all, or the inexperienced smarty trys to out think the wise battle worn expert.

If you are lucky enough to be able and open enough to identify these personal faults, perhaps you can create a system to work on to overcome such hurdles…

Do you know people like I’m writing about?  How about you, do you know what your weaknesses are?  Do you believe if you try with great focus, you to can overcome any obstacles?


10 Responses to Are You Too Smart to Be Rich?

  1. Ahh interesting post. I’m smart AND I’m rich (KIDDING!! I wish).

    Wow, a chemistry doctorate running a grocery store huh? I guess it’s either that or teaching or researching…

    You’re kind of alluding to the Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, in which he said that his own dad encouraged further education and schooling, and the entrepreneurial dad encouraged branching out and working for yourself.

    I know people that you are referring to… A lot of my peers are going to school and school and more school. The got their bachelors, getting their masters, and going to pursue their doctorate, but don’t have any work/ life experience… Sometimes the degrees held aren’t the most practical, unfortunately! =(

  2. There are always exceptions to the rule 😉

    I think you need a certain level of intelligence to succeed (or you’re really lucky), but after a certain point it’s of little use and may be a deteriment to your success.

    Even Warren Buffett said If you are in the investment business and have an IQ of 150, sell 30 points to someone else.”

    The chemistry doctorate isn’t even running the store, I think he is just a stock boy… I stumble on him by accident. I was embarrassed to see him there, but surprisingly, it didn’t bother him (or so it seemed).

    As for the Rich Dad Poor Dad author, I didn’t allude to him intentionally, but I did read his book, so subconsciously… perhaps 🙂

    I don’t know if my grocery doctorate will ever have the social skills to succeed, but I hope so. Other than an over-analytical way about him, he’s a very nice guy!

  3. I got a buddy that graduated law school in the top 10% of his class and immediately went into selling fiber optics testing equipment. No doubt he is one of the smartest people I know but he is, like that old commercial, in debt up to his eyeballs…. go figure!

  4. “Perhaps you are smart in certain areas, but can’t communicate those thoughts and ideas. Nothing discredits a brilliant idea as the inability to communicate your thoughts so that others can comprehend what you are saying.”
    I think you nailed it here. Smart people understand things a lot of people do not get and have no idea why some people act the way they do.
    An example is Michael Jackson. How many people would even think of acting like that yet the made more money than I could ever hope to. I have no idea why anyone would watch him or buy his products.

  5. @Daddy Paul
    Actually I was thinking of my childhood buddy that works at a grocery store. His brother (let’s call his brother Timmy) has achieved a bit of fame, but Timmy’s definitely not as smart, I’d be surprised if Timmy can spell his name correctly all the time… His brother does have great artistic ability though, and by that skill alone, he’s becoming famous. Hopefully Timmy’s smart enough to capitalize on his fame…

  6. @LeanLifeCoach
    Sounds like your friend is earning a lot, he just need to fine turn his spending behavior. 🙂

    Perhaps now that frugality is somewhat popular, he’ll change his ways too?

  7. Hi. I Have a PhD in physics. Discovery and creativity is where it’s at for me. All I need is enough of an income to live a comfortable life while I pursue my real passions which make ME feel alive. Since getting rich isn’t my passion, I won’t get rich.