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MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, Mar 13

Weekly Cache – 2010, Mar 13

Random Thoughts:

First, a sad note for those pf (personal finance) readers out there!  One of my favorite sites “” has pulled the plug on his website.  For those of you who were familiar with David’s site, it’s a huge loss to the pf blogsphere.  I was very inspired by the quality of David’s content!  For those of us know were regulars, David’s contribution to the pf world will be greatly missed!!!

I’ve added a new sidebar topic called “Best of MR”.  Currently it’s has some programming stuff that I’m working on, that I’m pretty proud of, I’m learning sooo much!  Eventually, it will include a link to a page with a listing of my favorite (or most popular) posts.

This has been a very productive week for me at least from a technical learning standpoint.  I’m learning Ubuntu, WordPress and other associated technologies around my website.  It’s very interesting and let’s the geek in me come out!

My Favorite Top 5 PF Blogger Posts For The Week:

  • – LifeStyle Inflation: Why Your Savings Is Not Growing as Fast as Your Income: Mike provides an convincing article on keeping Lifestyle inflation in check!  Pretty cool post for a ninja!
  • – Travel Accident Insurance: Great article and very smart move on her part!  I also love the graph that she has included in her article, it was very interesting!
  • www.mymoneyminute.comThe 200,000 Mile Club:  Jason joined that awesome frugal club for car owners that have cars where the odometers has officially hit 200,000.  Very frugal and a very wise article!  Check it out!  Big Congratulations to Jason and his family!!!  I’m also looking forward to his wine reviews!
  • – Great points about the fairness of life!  There will always be someone richer than you (barring Bill Gates and Warren Buffett), and someone poorer or more misfortunate than you are.  The key is be happy with what you got, that’s what really matters in life!
  • – The Mental To Physical Connection For A Healthier Lifestyle:  This post by Sam really got me pumped up and ready to refocus my efforts on my yearly goals.  Yes, lately my commitment has been waning on them…  Perfect timing Sam!

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons This Week:

  • What I Have Learned To Date From Blogging! – This was written around 1:30am to 2:00am, and was kind of thrown together at the last moments of the night.  Lately, I’ve been working on a Yakezie link page that will display many things about each member and have a link to each members web sites.  So, part in because of that, but also the way I’m evolving as I blog, I wrote this piece.

Closing thoughts:

This week has been a busy but productive one for me!  I did have a good time at my son’s soccer game, he scored 2 goals today!  He was so excited!  Another proud Dad moment brought to you by MR!!! is starting her own  business!  Great new from her, I wish her well!  Monevator’s article about Warren Buffett made me go to the libary and check out the book called “the Snowball”.  I can’t wait to find time to read it!



UPDATE: 03/14/2010 – 4:00am , I did patching and system maintenance… so my system was down from 3:10am til 3:39am EST.  If you tried to come to my site during this time window, I express my sincere apologies!

– D

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    • It looks like he stated that he was too busy with family life and work, so he pulled the plug on his site. He still has the message on his site currently. I was shocked, he has some great stuff there!

      I hope everything is okay with him and he comes back!

  1. Waaa! Surprised here too! I just realised that he’s no longer in the Google group either. I hope he’s ok…. hmmm… It’s not like he messed around with a mafia group, right?

    Hey David, if you read this, shout out!
    .-= Bytta@151DaysOff´s last blog ..Day 23: Is Travelling Worth Your Money? =-.

  2. @Bytta
    Yeah, he was one of my regular stops… Hope all is well with him!!!

    @Investor Junkie
    Ha, I was wondering if someone would mention Carlos… Good catch 🙂

    It kind of makes you wonder about the business practices in Mexico…, to have someone so rich while others in the area are not even close.

    But that another blog post for another day…

  3. Thanks for the shout out.

    I’m sorry to hear David has shut down his blog, I never had a chance to really check it out. I just went to it and there isn’t even any old content available for reading. Maybe he’ll someday make a stellar comeback. That’s the second blog that’s shut down in the last two weeks ( also closed down), the content will be missed.
    .-= Little House´s last blog ..Amazing Home Makeovers =-.

  4. @Little House
    No problem :)!

    I’m hoping David will come back, if he does, check out his site, it was pure gold!

  5. @youngandthrifty
    I hoping he does come back, but the the way he pulled the plug… I’m not so sure.