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MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, Mar 21

Weekly Cache – 2010, Mar 21

Random Thoughts:

This week I listed 8 top pf sites, and they are all Yakezie members.  This won’t happen every week, but honestly, each of the members of the Yakezie group had something that I could have listed.  The only reason I didn’t is because this post started feeling to much like the Yakezie carnival, and plus it’s really late and I need to sleep.

The Google ads on my home page is blue?  WTH… the same ads works on other pages.  I think when I copied text from word for a post, it somehow messed up the javascript that runs the google ads.  This is a mystery that I’ll be working on for a while…

I finally met my Yakezie Challenge!  I’m now below 200,000! My next goal is now to try to get on the first page at wisebread.  This won’t be easy!

This past Saturday was great!  It was really a family fun day, we did sooo much!  Soccer, breakfast (McDonalds, the kids loved it), dinner out, Played in a playground, practiced soccer, went shopping.  This is unusual for us, we usually don’t go out to eat that much, nor do we go shopping that much.

My Favorite Top 8 PF Blogger Posts For The Week:
MonevatorEarn more money by tackling your mental beliefs: Monevator writes about why we start to stall in making additional money after we get to a certain level.  He explains how he busted through that barrier by mentally overcoming his challenges.

www.PlantingDollars.comFear of Success: Fighting the Anti-Success Leprachaun: Ryan talks about why we are afraid of success.  Often we only complete 90% of a task, then we quit because of fears of finishing the task to completion.  Another great post by Ryan! – Yakezie Link Love for my 5 Year Anniversary: I usually don’t link to another site that has a post of links, but this is sahmcfo’s 5 year wedding anniversary.  Plus, it’s cool to see that ice bar from her wedding pictures!  There are so many amazing pf blogger out there, and sahmcfo is one of them!

YoungAndThrifty.caCanadian 2010 Budget and What it Has to Do with Implants:  I was amazed that Canada considers cosmetic surgery as a health expense that covered under the country’s healthcare.  Thanks “YAT” for teaching me something I wasn’t aware of…

CoupleMoney.comAccelerating Our Mortgage Payments to Save Money:  Elle does an excellent job pointing out the merits of paying off her mortgage early to save money in the long run.  This is what we did, and I think it’s great!  By following what Elle is recommending will reduce your future expenses by a quarter, a third or even more depending on how large of a morgtage you took out.  With my family, it reduced our living expenses by almost 1/3.

DeliverAwayDebt.comFriday Frugal Tips – Review Edition: Great frugal tips to get ahead.  Plus, I had to include a fellow ramen noodle buyer!

FreeFromBroke.comHealth Savings Accounts (HSA’s) Are Awesome – 7 Reasons: Lists excellent reasons why a HSA is worth considering.  Personally, I went this route a few years ago and it’s worked out fabulously for me.  I have to admit though, the first year was a bit stressfull, but I’m glad I did it!“Capitalism: A Love Story” DVD Review & Giveaway:  I list this particular post, because it provoked a big response from me.  But really SAM keeps inproving his game.  I’ve been reading his site for a while now, and it seems like he’s been hitting a lot of home runs these past few months.  His articles are well thoughout and delivered!  If you ever want to read a blog that will get you thinking… This is the one!  I’d even go as far as  to say that this is the “golden standard” for thought provoking articles!

For more great articles from the Yakezie group, please click on the following link “Yakezie Challenge Carnival 4 – The Growth Edition“, this weeks edition is hosted by Greg (The Lean Coach) at

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons This Week:

Wealth Tip #5: Increasing Your Financial Savings Delta:  this is really just a different way of saying increase your income and reduce your expenses.  But sometime hearing it a different way helps other obtain a deeper understanding of the importance of the delta between savings/earning and spending…  Plus, it reinforces the concept in our minds and helps us keep focuses.  I also needed to create the list of ways to accomplish earning more and reducing expenses.  Sometimes, it helps me think of new ways to accomplish my goals by doing this.

I’m even thinking of expanding my delta concept into a measurable percentage number.  Because what’s improtant is being able to have a high delta for your lifestyle.

Closing Thoughts:

Healthcare is on the horizon today, this might have a big impact on the stock market (even though it’s not truly implemented on down the road a bit).  It’s nice to see spring starting to wake up around my neck of the wood…

I’m thinking about taking one day a week to create pillar posts.



Update: I figured out the problem with the blue rectangle.  Some hidden characters were added to a post that I copied in from Word…  I guess I’ll use that import from word feature in wordpress next time!!!

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    • @STAMCFO
      Nice post! I reallly like your wedding pictures, congrats on 5 years!
      Thanks for sharing those with us! Too cool!

      It’s fascinating to see our alexa number rise so quickly. It’s definitely a fun little game. I started out enjoying that aspect of the Yakezie group, but now I really enjoy reading the blogs in the group, we have such a vast number of experiences and perspectives on things… It’s great! 🙂

  1. Congratulions Money Reasons!! <200,000 is fantastic! =)

    My goal for this week is to get under <300,000. I agree- it's a fun game, and I really enjoy supporting other blogs and collaborating for us ALL to achieve Alexa success.

    Thanks for the mention! Well, the Canadian government NOW doesn't include cosmetic procedures as medical expenses, but they used to, just last month! I didn't know that until I read it too =)
    .-= youngandthrifty´s last blog ..Carnival of the Young and Thrifty Edition #3 =-.

    • Thanks! I’m sure you’ll back it below 300,000 with the support of the group. I know I’ll be stopping over more often! 🙂

      Good move by your government in changing it’s healthcare policy with respect to cosmetic surgery, especially in such trying times…

  2. Hey mate, well done breaching 200,000! The game is changing, and it looks like the new hurdle is 167,000 now to get on page one. I’m rooting for you, and will try to help you out as much as possible!

    It’s pretty darn fun isn’t it? I had SO much fun when I was doing it on my own, I knew others would have equally as much fun, especially in the group!

    Young & Thrifty above, you’re doing pretty darn good yourself! Good job all!


    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..The Katana: Don’t Be All Things To All People =-.

    • Thanks SAM!

      Prior to the Yakezie “Alexa Challenge”, I would have been stuck on page 2 for a long time (maybe years)…

      Say, I was looking at your numbers and I think you’ll be getting close to being in the top 10 in a month or 2, if all things go as well as they have been! Your 1 spot away from being in the top 20 already, congrats to you too! Your blogging material has been rock solid!

      We’re all rooting for you too, you are the sharp point of the Yakezie stick and the deeper you go, the easier the path will be for the rest of us follow! It’s been a great challenge, and I look forward to the next challenge this summer!

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  4. @Craig/FFB
    Thanks, yes it was a great weekend! I think I was having the winter blahs…

    I definitely need to build up some pillar posts (which I never heard of before the Yakezie group)… I take what I know for granted, but that’s probably the stuff I should be blogging about most… 🙂

  5. Congrats on hitting a Yakezie Milestone. You’ll make it to Page 1 of Wisebread in no time! 😉