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Someone Clipped My Car!!!

Practically every day for lunch, I go to the library.  My library is within 2 miles of where I work at, and overall it’s a great experience. In some ways, it’s like I’m Norm from the old TV show “Cheers”, but instead of a loud “Norm”, I get a hushed “Hi” from a few of the Librarians. I’ll hop on the computers and read other blogs, respond to comments on mine, and sometimes start writing a blog article.

Four months ago, a really sucky thing happened! I did my regular library routine, but when I came out to get in my car and go back to work… somebody had clipped me! My bumper was damaged and even cracked badly! Now, as regular readers know, I’m totally debt free, and this includes my cars.

So can you guess what I did?

Nothing! Yep, that’s right I did absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Here’s why:

  • The damage to the car is cosmetic (although I’m sure it’s a little less aerodynamic).
  • The depreciation on the car makes the cosmetic repair less appealing!
    I have a high deductible on my car.
  • Since it’s a Malibu, nobody is checking it out anyway. If it were a Lexus, well then I’d fix it.
  • It’s basic purpose in life is to be a work car.

Would you fix your work car if it’s wasn’t worth it?

– D

11 Responses to Someone Clipped My Car!!!

  1. I’m not sure how, but you should check to make sure that the damage is purely cosmetic. If the bumper is cracked, it might not offer as much protection as it would non-cracked. I know the protection levels are often a joke nowadays (not like the awesome chrome bumpers of yore) but in the event of a more serious accident, it would suck to have an insurance claim denied or more serious damage done because the bumper wasn’t able to do what it was designed to do.
    .-= Money Beagle´s last blog ..The Great Ranch Dressing Conspiracy =-.

  2. @Money Beagle
    Ah, very wise advice! A neighbor came and over and checked it out. He’s a car guy! I was worried that it would rip apart. He said someone just clipped the corner of my car probably when pulling out.

    I was going to try to order a replacement (I didn’t want ice from the winter to rip it apart), but he said it would be fine.

    Thanks for the wise advice!
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  3. Nope – I wouldn’t fix a dent or a scratch but we have two older cars as well, and it just wouldn’t be worth it – we plan on driving them until they die.
    If I drove a cool car and had any intention of selling it in the future I would though.
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  4. My husband and I share a car. So, if this had happened to me, I would have definitely fixed it! My husband is very protective about our car :). That being said, we did have a little fender bender a couple of years ago when someone rear ended us. It was very minor and we were able to replace the bumper for under $80 (actually, the person who hit us paid for it). But we would have paid if it had been our fault. Totally worth it!
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  5. @Stay at Home Mom CFO
    Me too 🙂 That’s exactly how I feel!

    @Little House
    Hmmm, If I had 1 car, it would depend what kind if was. If someone hit me, and I saw them do it, they would pay!!!

    We got one of those cheap plastic mold bumpers. It would cost over $400.00 to fix it.
    .-= Money Reasons´s last blog ..What I Have Learned To Date From Blogging! =-.

  6. Awe man! That sucks…

    That happened to me too =( and I did nothing. It does seem cosmetic. The paint’s just a bit cracked.

    That’s the problem with getting fancy cars (e.g. like a Lexus) because you get so attached to making sure it looks perfect… not that I would know haha because I don’t own anything CLOSE to a luxury car. Unless you count my sunroof and automatic windows luxury. lol. =)

  7. @youngandthrifty
    yeah, I was pretty disappointed… I guess that person that clipped me didn’t realize it.

    I once had a trans am when I was younger, and although it’s not a luxury car, I fixed is as soon as anything happened to it…

    But with the 2003 malibu… not so much….

  8. Sorry to hear about this! I wouldn’t have done anything either. I once rear ended someone and my hood was slightly messed up but I didn’t do anything until a year later and just drove around with it.

  9. @Jane
    My work car is very functional, but it’s not a pretty car… It does the job whether it has a crack and scratches or not…

    Of course I will still wash and maintain it like it’s a decent car…