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Can Your Financial Body Fix Itself Naturally?

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I was complaining about my weight to a friend at work today, and he said something that stopped me in my tracks.  He said that he started working out a hour a day, and that this enabled his body to fix itself! 

I never really thought of my body as being sick, but what he said makes incredible sense!  After all, when I’m heavy, I’m more slow, get tired more often and have a tendency to take it easy, this is similar to the behavior I exhibit when I have a cold. 

So in the financial realm, spending (coughing) to excessively on unnecessary stuff and being in debt because of it, is like being sick!  When you are in debt, you eventually can’t do as much because you have your debt acting like a parasite sucking your money away… 

So what would the prescription steps to help your financial body fix itself? 

  1. Recognize that you are sick!  Do you constantly carry a high balance on your credit card (in total)?  Personally, if I carried a $2,000 balance, I would consider that as being sick, if you are higher than that… well…
  2. Go on a financially healthy diet.  Review the things you are buying and your expenses, then cut out the unnecessary ones.
  3. Exercise!  Find ways to make money (side jobs, etc) or play an even better defense by being even more frugal than typical!

If you do all three steps above, your financial body should be able to naturally fix itself.  I personally track my progress in a net worth spreadsheet much like I would journal my weight loss progress. 

Remember being healthy and fix is a life long endeavor, just like your financial fitness! 


10 Responses to Can Your Financial Body Fix Itself Naturally?

  1. this is a great analogy and it makes total sense if you go from working out zero to exercising at least 20 minutes a day you are doing so much more and over time it can have a great impact.

  2. Good points. This very reason is why I invested in a nice, sturdy treadmill. Sure it cost a bit more (although I bought the prior year’s model and dug up a promo code), but the quality is well worth it. Plus, I use it almost every day. Keeping your body healthy saves so much money by keeping you out of the doctors office too!

  3. @Kris
    Sounds like a wise purchase to me! After all what is wealth without health… 🙂

    Hmm, I think I just found a new future Blog title “What is Wealth without Health”.

  4. Cold turkey always works too! What you don’t have, you can’t spend.

    Tell your friend to take all your money away!

    That said, most people get fat slowly… or get financially ill slowly until they look at a picture of their old self, and say DAMN!

  5. @Financial Samurai
    This is very true!

    Cold turkey doesn’t alway work well. When I deprive myself, eventually I break down and gorge or spend like crazy (actually I don’t spend like crazy, my lifestyle has always been frugal).

    Slow and steady is the key, the idea is to make it part of your lifestyle instead of a quick fix.