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Dr. Phil Drops the Ball on Bad Kids in School

Right now, I’m watching Dr. Phil, and he’s defending a nicely dressed, pretty young girl (age 12) that wrote on a desk with her marker.  I guess that the school, expelled the girl, and call the police on her.  The police then arrested her and handcupped her.  Then she stayed handcupped in the police station for 2 hours.

This is the kind of sensationalize that I despise in the media.  Here is my list of issues that I had with this show:

  1. Nothing was mentioned of her prior history.  Just this particular incident.
  2. Neither the school’s principal, teacher, nor the police officers were there to tell their side of the story.
  3. The girl was coached on how to answer the questions Dr. Phil asked her, or… if she wasn’t coached, then she should have been smart enough not to deface the schools property.
  4. She claimed that she’s now afraid of teachers and police officers…  But she really wasn’t harmed in any physical way.

My problem with this is that the girl is fine, she wasn’t hurt and she would have learned a lesson, except that her mom is now suing the state and school.

There were other stories too, but all were one sided like the one above.

To present a story like these without the details, is kind of like Chuck Liddell (Chuck Norris was busy) picking a fight with an 80 year old blind man.  Way too one-sided!

The last story was the fault of a teacher that restrained a boy that wouldn’t listen.  The boy died, because the teacher sat on him!  To me this sounds like a single person making a bad decision.  Instead of going after that person, the foster mom is going after the state and school.

The thing what Dr. Phil forgets is that the teachers aren’t there to babysit or deal with drama, they are there to teach.  If a child is being disruptive, the child needs to be removed from the class or disciplined in some way, maybe even being expelled.  I’m sure that girl above is a fireball, and probably ruined the entire class for that class session, many times in the past.  Sometimes, it’s the small things after mountain of infractions that breaks the camel’s back… 

This is why I dislike media, especially talk shows soooo much!  People believe this stuff, and jump on the bandwagon, but if they were in the same situation… well, then that would be different!

In this time, where kids shoot other kids and teachers, I think classes should be orderly and respectful.  If you have a bad influence, get them out of that the public school! 

Dr. Phil’s panel of so called experts were lawyers representing the so called “victims”.  The legal show panel of experts recommended talking to the bad kids, and such things as sitting beside them for the class duration.  But I remember when I was a school, and a kid goes bad (especially teenagers, including 12 year olds), trying to talk them out of being bad was a waste of time, everybody in the class loses when that much time is wasted on one child while the rest are there to learn.

You may ask, why do I care about this?  Well, when the so called “victims” go after the schools and state, they are really attacking us, the taxpayers.  That money comes from you and me.  So here is yet another way that people rip us off!!!  I wonder how many of them are fradulant?

I suppose soon the schools and state will need insurance policies to protect them from being sued by partent (especially those where their kids were even injured)…  Perhaps we wouldn’t need such high taxes if the state and school systems weren’t getting sued for issues!

Have you ever encountered a show, where the presenation is so one sided that you know it’s bogus?  What do you think? 

Good thing these kids were not in other countries…  I wonder how Russia, China or other countries handle such issues?


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