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MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, April 25

Weekly Cache – 2010, April 25

Random Thoughts:

First, I’m glad to see that Chasing Prosperity is back into action!!!  Her blog is a good one, and I’m happy to see that she is back.

This week has been filled with great articles from the Yakezie group, so I’m am going to list mostly them in my Top post for my week selection, with the exception of the blogger Kris who blogs at

My Favorite Top 10 PF Blogger Posts For The Week:  Goldman Sachs: Yesterday a giant squid. Tomorrow calamari? – Great article about Goldman Sachs.  Personally I think that the US government is going to go on a “witch hunt” and GS might be the tip of the iceberg, read this article and see if you agree!  This was a week of homeruns from the Monevator, so check out his other articles too!

Little House in the Valley…:  The Big Three: What I would have liked to have known before I was 18…Part 1 – This is advice I would also like to have told to me when I was 18.  Little House, had a lot of homeruns this week too!  I enjoy many of her other articles.

Young And Thrifty..:  The Financial Cleanse- Get Rid of Junk – Y&T does a great breakdown of Craigslist vs Ebay vs Consignment shops as to which is the best for each type of merchandise!  This is a 3 part series, with each new part a bit better than the previous!  I which I had that kind of skill, usually my 1st post has the most punch, then fizzles out by the last post in a series. 

Couple Money…:  2010 Couple Goal: Improving Our Diet – Elle and her husband are maximizing their fitness!  She has a few posts about diet and fitness.  I find it really appealing that Elle and her husband are doing the activities as a team!   With her post on exercising, she describes a cheap but effective workout.

Eliminate the Muda…: Frugal Family Fun – I really liked this post!  It’s a great idea for the entire street to have a blast with!  This post is like a family movie night on steroids!!!

Free From Broke…:  Frugality Doesn’t Mean You Have To Deprive Yourself – I strongly agree with the post by Craig and actually do most of what he suggests!  I have recently realized that to a small degree, I’ve deprived myself to a small extent as FFB describes!  Read about this and ways to be frugal and still maximize enjoyment!

Money Funk…:  Earth Day: Camping is Fun – This article actually has me looking forward for summer to come more quickly, just so I can take my kids camping!!!

Darwin’s Finance…:  The Hidden Cost of Staying Home with the Kids – Great take on some of the hidden costs of a mom or dad becoming a stay at home parent!

Single Guy Money…:  What Happened to Personal Responsibility? – Single Guy is definitely the voice of reason and logic in this article he created.  While not everybody wants to hear his message, it rings true. 

EveryDayThoughtsAndTips…:  Did You Know Your Shower Can Make You Sick?? – Interesting story about Shower heard harvesting bacteria, and what you could potentially do about it.

Special Post Mention

Financial Samurai…:  You’re Rejected! How I Use Rejection To Motivate Me Every Single Day – This is such a powerful highly inspirational post, I think that I had to bring it out of the old archive bin at Sam’s site!!!

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons This Week:

Picking The Perfect Location to Raise Your Family is my favorite post from my site for the week.  I think it could benefit anyone looking to either buy their first house, or more to a larger house to start a family. 

Closing Thoughts:

I have my tax refund back, so I’ll be planning for my next steps with respect to my finances in the coming weeks. 


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  1. @Little House
    np, I feel that Single Guy’s post was spot on, some people will disagree with his viewpoint, but really it was spot-on. After all, the banks don’t force anyone to use credit…