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Saving By Paying Attention – Conclusion Part 4 of 4

Thinking money matters through

The “Saving By Paying Attention” series has been about focusing and not making rash decisions.

Too often, smart people don’t take the time to weigh all options when making an important decisions.

By paying attention, I’ve been able to buy a lot of things for free, like routers for my computers, DVDs, etc.  With rebates, you can save substantial amount of money too.  There are some huge coupon savings out there if you know where to look.

Another great tool for buying things at a huge discount is the internet.  Sometimes you can find some great deals on  I’ve been able to buy old CD/DVDs from ebay for a great price, not to mention the unique, one of a kind items that can be found.  For instance, I’ve been able to buy a firefighter nightlight from my son when he was younger.

Another great site for good prices on products is, I’ve been able to buy merchandise that has been refurbished at great prices.  Both of my kid’s mp3 players were bought online at!

I’ve recently learned of a site called:, but I haven’t researched it enough yet to feel comfortable recommending it.  Still you might want to check it out, mainly they offer free software downloads.

Another great way save money is to go to blogger sites that are offering giveaways.  Every so often, you’ll see a $100 dollar giveaway from the blogger sites!

I know people that use the radio contests to win money to.  In fact, this is how one of my friends won a free house.  Another friend continually calls the sites trying to win money and prizes.  Often time she succeeds!  It’s amazing the opportunities out there to either win money or prizes.

It you concentrate and think outside of the box, there are plenty of money  saving or winning opportunities out there!


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4 Responses to Saving By Paying Attention – Conclusion Part 4 of 4

  1. Indeed saving by paying attention can save you tons of money. Woot! is a great site, though I have never actually bought something off it, I know a few people who have, and they have been very satisfied.

    I’ve never really used eBay too much, but I do use Craigslist. I like that site because it is much easier to navigate and whatnot.

  2. Craigslist is one site that offers great value that I haven’t taken advantage of yet!

    I’m not sure why I haven’t, I’ve looked on it many a time, and yet still, I haven’t bought anything with it yet!!!

    Perhaps this will be the year I take the Craigslist plunge and buy something on the site!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I’ve found the best way to save money is by opening my eyes. I watch the prices on items that I’m interested in and watch for the best price online or in stores. You’d be amazed at how many “sales” are not really “sales” at all.

    Nice series.

  4. Thanks! I know what you mean about the sales. I remember watching (a long time ago) waiting for something to go on-sale at CompuUSA, and when it finanlly did, I didn’t buy it because: A buddy suggested that I checked online. Sure enought, I found it for a cheaper price!

    Always search on-line before buying an item on sale at your favorite store!

    Thanks for stopping by!