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Spending More Money For a Better Life, Part 2 of 2

I thought about this for about a week, and I finally decided on how much more I’m going to spend on myself!

DRUMROLL….  I’ve decided to increase the amount that I’m going to spend by $100 dollars a month.  Yep, I’m living large, (lol)…

So why only $100? Because I already get a certain allocation per month, and I think $100 extra a month would be just enough to enjoy my life a bit more.   I know, $100 doeesn’t seem like much, and it’s not…  but it should be just enough to make a difference for me.

In the summer, most likely I’ll be spending $200 extra a month.  This is okay because during the winter months I plan to scale back down my extra spending to $50 a month.  with just a bit of work, I can make it so that the average amount that I will spend will still be $100 extra a month.

The following is a list of activities I plan on using the extra money for:

  • Golfing with my family
  • an occassional drink out with friends a few times a month.
  • eating out at least 1 extra time a month.
  • activities with my kids, maybe put-put golf, or laser tag.

The earlier post in this series was called Spending More Money For a Better Life.

This might seem like a small change, but I’m looking forward to it!  It truly is about balance, and this will help me right the inbalance that I have been experiencing!


10 Responses to Spending More Money For a Better Life, Part 2 of 2

  1. Wow, how can you do all that with $100 extra? I mean, kudos to you for being more generous to yourself, i know how gratifying it can be after a prolonged tight money policy :D. I imagine you can do a lot with that sort of money in Asia (still here) but not in US, yes?

  2. @Bytta
    I’m doubling up in summer (an extra $200 a month), and then only spending $50 extra a month for the rest of the year.

    I already have a $200 spending allowance the I permit myself to have, so in the summer months, I’ll have a total of $400 to spend. Fall and Winter, I’ll only average about $250.

    In the satellite city that I live in, that’s not too bad…

    If I lived in a larger city like New York… well, then I would have problems and need to spend more.

  3. Well, I like your idea and it really is not bad. We work ourselves out to get that money and you definitely deserve to spend it on yourself. You earned it!
    As for me, I do have a first rule that I always make sure that complies with my salary which is, “Pay yourself first”, so I by the time I receive my monthly salary, I would take at least 10% from it and stash it into the bank and the rest are budgeted out.
    Plus, I also make sure that I get to have a good meal in a nice restaurant of my choice once a month. It’s sort of a reward to myself for doing a great job.
    And having a limit is really good, you don’t get to spend over your budget.
    I hope you enjoy your extra spending money, you deserve it too!

  4. @Benjie
    Sounds like you are doing things perfectly! Good job my friend! Use at least a little money to enjoy all stages of life 🙂

    Going out once a month to a nice restaurant sounds like the perfect solution!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!