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Spring Break Vacation

Destination: Backyardville


My kids are on vacation for spring break this week.  Because of some poor planning on my part, I got the same time off too, but at the last minute.  Since my son started school, in previous years we only went on short 2 or 3 day vacations.  Had I planned better, we could have gone on a bigger longer vacation.

But since I’m stuck in backyardville, I’m going to do the following exciting action packed activities:

  • Do Income Taxes (yes this is a rare year that I’ve procrastinated).
  • Personal Finance Ninja is have a free Turbo Tax Deluxe giveway

  • Change my car battery (I hate to spend the money!!!)
  • Change my car’s squeaky brakes.
  • Mow my lawn (Nooooo)
  • Spread organic weed and feed  on my lawn (this is the first year I’m trying this).
  • Prepare to host the Yakezie Carnival this week.
  • Golf, some more (or at least a trip to the driving range) 🙂

If all goes well, next year I think I’ll plan something a little more extravagent!  At least a trip to a major beach, or maybe a 5 day Disney Vacation (but probably not, I’m sure it’s super crowded during spring break).  Most likely it will be a quick trip to the beach!

We’ll make the best of this vacation, but it sure chould have been better!

Reader: What did you do for vacation this spring break?


10 Responses to Spring Break Vacation

  1. That’s so nice you’re spending time with your kids. I like how traffic is not congested when kids are off for spring break.

    You seem to be a very handy man just like my DH. You’re wife must be proud.

    Now how are you able to change the battery for your car? Seems like you knnow mechanical stuff too.

    Take care.

  2. Kids grow up soooo fast! I figure I’ll try to spend as much time with them as possible, while I’m still an influence in their young life.

    With my car battery, then thing that makes my sad is paying for a new one! I hate to spend that $75 to $100 bucks, not to mention the cost of new brakes…

    Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  3. Good laugh. Love your spring break list.

    Spend the start of Spring Break in Maui.

    Then, my son went off to his dad’s house. My daughter is in day care where they are doing a field trip to the mountains.

    And i get to go back to work. Woo hoo! Big stuff. 😉

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to send CA a check for that stupid state tax I owe. Bleck.

  4. @Money Funk
    🙂 I should have prepared a little more…

    Hope your trip to Maui was awesome!!! (I’m sure it was!).

    Good to see that you are back, I’ll stop and readup on what I’ve missed since my vaca started…

  5. Spring breaks are a thing of the past, if you don’t have kids and are out of school. Work is my spring break.

    But its hard to complain when you live in Southern California because everyday is a vacation 🙂

  6. @Financial Samurai
    A romatic night in an hotel nearby with Mrs. Samurai?
    Movie Marathon Night (only for 1 day though).
    Definitely a Poker night!