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Yakezie Challenge Carnival #7

Well, this is #7 of the Yakezie Challenge Carnival!  The membership list just keep growing and growing! 

Wait… You might be wondering what is the Yakezie Challenge?  It all started as an effort by Sam at the Financial Samurai.   This is the original post that started it all: Creating Powerful Friends: Samurai’s Alexa Ranking Challenge

Basically the first phase wave of this challenge is improving your Alexa ranking.  Sam has since added addtional challenges, trying to help members improve their financial blog sites.

Since the formation of the group, members had added value to the group by additional sub-projects.  In fact, this Yakezie Challenge Carnival is one of the results from the group brainstorming process!

And now enjoy the great financial posts from the Yakezie members below:

Financial Samurai: Play Games To Save Money And Achieve Your Goals! – Great concept, helping people save money by making clever mental money games!

Eliminate the Muda: Combat The Closing Technique – The Consultative Close – This post had me at ““You can skin a sheep once, or you can shear it for life.”! Actually the entire “Combat The Closing Technique” is a great educational read! In fact, I’d go as far to say this is a must read series!

Planting Dollars: The Quiet Hours – This post hit at home with me because I do my best work during solitary time too!

Free From Broke: Wedding Questions With Anja Winnika Editor At – Great interview and answers for those getting married from the website editor!

Sweating The Big Stuff:  When You SHOULDN’T Worry About Money – Action speak louder than spreadsheets (ratios really).  Daniel points out that not all people are motived by money ratios, and to find what works for you, the individual.

Credit Card Chaser: Infamous Credit Card Hacker Albert Gonzalez Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison – I blogged about the dark elements in personal finance…  This Albert guy takes it to a whole new level.  Interesting read!

Canadian Finance Blog5 Ways to Make Your Credit Card Work For You – Great reasons to use credit cards instead of only cash!

Ultimate Money Blog:  Read Your Labels – What is having money without health?  As Mrs. Money states read your lables!  She goes on to list some of the ingredients to avoid too!

Darwin’s FinancePEG Ratio: Why It’s More Relevant than P/E for Stocks – I’m a fan of the P/E ratio comparisons and the Market Cap. level.  Darwin, present a good argument for using the PEG Ratio too.

Early Retirement ExtremeFive things every early retiree wannabe knows – The title says it all!  Great strategic points to consider!

My Jouney to MillionsWhat is Keyman Insurance? Is Your Business Protected From Death? – This is something I’ve never thought of, but make an incredible amount of sense.  Unrelated to the article, but congratulations Evan for getting under 100,000 in the Yakezie club!!!

Deliver Away DebtZero Debt Christmas 2010 –  Now (or even earlier) is the time to start preparing!  I know in previous years, Christmas, and surrounding birthdays, has always had me start the new year extremely tight!  Using Jeff technique, you can really take the bite out of one of the negative aspects of Christmas.  Nice!

MonevatorThe truth behind the Natwest Black Card’s shocking APR – Amazing way of advertising a credit card!  Check this out, it truly is a shocker!

Fiscal FizzleCan You Make a Living Recycling 10 Cent Bottles & Cans? – Interesting read and great concept (especially as a side job), but it was the Seinfeld reference that made me choose this article by guest poster:  Dough Roller

20’s MoneyAmericans Get Their Economic Views From Headlines – Excellent point!  Great presentation for doing your own homework instead of reading the headlines!

Money Funk:  Maximize your Retirement Account – Very well thoughtout plan on the options for maximizing your retirement number!  Great details!

Punch Debt in the FaceFunny Money Habits – I’ve studied the martial arts in the past, but apparently, I’m also a student of financial ninjitsu and I didn’t even know it!  Great post, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I have some of the same funny money habits!

Wealth PilgrimWhat is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Pretty obvious what the post is about on this one.  This is a good area to talk about, you don’t see this much out in the pf blogsphere.  Nice writeup!

The Centsible Life:  Desperate Housewives, David Arquette, and an auction – There is great material at this site, but I chose this article because of her incredible experience!

Evolution of Wealth:  Life Insurance’s Recent Overhaul – Great info to know, perhaps we should all look to see if we can get a lower rate on insurance (esp. term).

Well Heeled Blog:  New 2010 Financial Goals – Since getting a new job, Well Heeled rightfully has re-aligned her financial goals!  Kudos to her for getting the new job and the goal tweaking!

CJ Bowker:  How do you set expectations?  Everybody is different, and things come up that aren’t predictable…  What say you on this one?

Couple Money:  Debt Reduction Strategy Guide – Excellent compilation of debt reduction strategies!  Great read!

Rainy-Day Saver:  What Happens to Your Debt When You Die? – Scary topic, but just knowing your state laws is half the battle (or perhaps even more than half).

Frugal Zeitgeist:  Watch TV On Your Computer– Great tips on how to watch TV on your computer!  I’ll be referring back to this one!!!  Nice compilation!

JoeTaxpayer:  Your Credit Score – Discusses the magic involved in the computation of your credit score number.  Great explanation!!!

Little House in the Valley:  Homes in a Box….When Sears Ruled Mail Order – Great article, nice to see a one with a historical perspective.  I hope Walmart doesn’t read this though!!!

Engineer Your Finances:  FinEngr Meets T. Boone Pickens! – Wow, how cool would this be!  Congrats FinEngr!

One Money Design:  Basics of Bankruptcy – Great writeup on bankruptcy!  Discusses the types of bankruptcy too!

The Amateur Financier:  Correlation is NOT Causation – Truly great writeup on spurious relationships!  I see so many people come to false conclusions because of what Roger blogs about here!  This is a must read article!

Young And Thrifty:  Questrade and the Online Trading Academy – I’m not sure if this is in the states or not, but is sure sounds interesting!!!

Redeeming Riches:  IRA Withdrawal Rules – When Can You Withdraw Your IRA? – Nice writeup on the withdrawal rules on a traditional IRA!

Single Guy Money:  The Hiatus Is Over – SingleGuyMoney is Back Now – I’m glad those aliens wised up and sent you back!  Welcome back, sounds like you’ve been pretty busy!

Beating Broke:  UPS To Become Luggage Carrier – This is about Spirit’s airlines decision to charge for luggage.

Personal Finance by the Book:  With Apologies to Dave Ramsey, One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All – I must be the only pf blogger that hasn’t read any of Dave Ramsey’s books…   I think this post sounds like a great topic of a great debate!

My Money Minute:  The 200,000 Mile Club – Not bad for an attorney!  I aspire to hold onto my car for as long as Jason!  Very frugal indeed!

Foreigner’s Finances:  Why a Spreadsheet is Your Money’s Best Friend – Instead of buying special financial software, I also go FF’s route and use my spreadsheet for everything!  Great point on this topic!

Cool to be Frugal:  What Is Your Family’s Money Dynamic? – Mrs. Frugal talks about how Mr. Frugal’s family handles discussions of money matter differently than her family does.  Interesting dynamic, good read!

Saving Money Today:  7 Things Worrying the Middle Class – I’m a sucker for any post that involves the middle class!  Hopefully things right themselves soon!!!

Bucksome Boomer:  4 Career Tips for Success from the Military – Interesting, in just Bucksome’s military history in itself.  Interesting read!

Moneycrush:  Can You Invest With Just a Small Amount of Money to Work With? – Great article for someone that only has a little to invest per month or is just starting out with only a small amount to contribute!  Great job taking into account the fees associated with investing small amounts of money!

PersonalFinanceJourney7 Actions for Financial Spring Cleaning – Sounds like sound advice to me!  I think I’ll try her suggestions this year!

The Debt HawkOpening a Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) To Lower My Taxes – Great details about using a SEP to lower your taxes!  Also to my surprise, I learned that you can have a 401(k) and a SEP at the same time (as long as you have a side business that creates the income for the SEP).

Christian Common Cents:  Never Loan Money To Friends and Family – True, so entirely true!  Please head his advice in this matter!!!

Girl with the Red Balloon:  wedding-wednesday-planning-wedding – Sounds like a race against time!  But that you are going a great job of managing it!  Good luck and thank for sharing!

Money Beagle:  Great value on half-and-half – We think that Walmart is the best deal in price all the time, but this isn’t always so!  Find out why at the Money Beagle!

The Millionaire Nurse:  Apple’s I-Pad: Buying One is Stupid! – Another opinion about an iPad, looks like a iPad showdown between Zach and Dr. Dean!

Peak Personal Finance:  Your Options Under the Health Care Reform Bill – Interesting info in how the Health Care Reform Bill will affect you!

Narrow Bridge:  Is Your Credit Score Age Appropraite? – Good questions about your credit score age.

PF Firewall:  Your Guide to Income Based Repayment – College loan replayment info.  This is a must read if you are graduating from college with loans!

Family Balance Sheet:  Square Foot Gardening: Making A Transition – Great writeup on how they did it!

Dividend MonkHarleysville Group Inc (HGIC) Dividend Stock Analysis – Great research on this particular stock.  But more importantly, the Dividend Monk does great analysis of many quality dividend stocks!!!

Well, that’s all the members that I’m aware of!

The previous carnival was hosted by Tom @ Canadian Financial Blog

58 Responses to Yakezie Challenge Carnival #7

  1. Most excellent work and highlights Don-san!

    I always love reading the commentary after each post. It’s great you’ve gone through all of them as I know it is A LOT of hard work!

    Some very insightful pieces that I’ve missed which I’ll be reading now!



  2. Ha – actually, my grandma used to have this sign:

    “Do you want to speak with the man of the house, or the woman who knows what’s going on?”

  3. Thanks a million for the link…. I may jump back to that post and add some more resources at some point too. It was written before I went away and scheduled so I did not spend as long as I normally would.

  4. Thanks for hosting, Money Reasons! =)

    I know it’s a lot of work to add comments- so thank you for giving your insight into each post.

    The Online Trading Academy is also located in the US =)

  5. @Everybody (borrowed this from MoneyFunk)
    Great job on your articles, I enjoyed reading each site and learned a lot!!!

    I have to admit, I did underestimate the task of compiling all of the links! But at least it was a labor of love!

  6. @Sam
    Yes, my time estimate was way way off! But it was fun reading all of the sites, I just wish I wasn’t doing my taxes at the same time!!!

    Thanks for creating such a great group! I haven’t found a site in the group yet that I haven’t been pleased with!

    Go Yakezie Oda!

  7. @Forest
    I love post like yours! Even if it’s not conclusive, it makes your reader think “Hmmm, what else is out there”!

    I’ve used before, and it was pretty cool! I’ve also watch Lost episodes that we missed a few times last year on

  8. @Y&T
    Yeah, I really underestimated how long it would take by a few multiples… To think, I thought it would only take me a few hours… HA!

    Thanks for the update on the Online Trading Academy , sounds like it’ll be pretty useful!

  9. @LeanLifeCoach

    I learn soooo many cool things at your site! To not include your site would be like forgetting the peanut butter in a reeses cup!

    That said, I tried to include everybody, but I’m already discovering newer members that I missed, and I’m truly sorry to those that I did!

  10. Wow! You got a lot of links all gathered here! Thanks for the mention.

    BTW, I did take and increase my 403(b) contributions. 🙂 Working my way up to maximization one dollar at a time.

  11. @Money Funk
    It took a long long time to do! I really underestimated by a large degree how long it would take to create the list!

    Good deal on increasing your contribution! I took small steps to get up to my 15% contribution rate! I think if you take too big of a jump, you feel it too much… but small steps aren’t as noticable!

  12. Thanks Don. I really appreciate the complement about ILIT’s. Of course, it took an attorney to explain it well.

  13. Wow VERY impressive list!

    Excellent work, I know this took a lot of time I think we all really appreciate the effort you put into it! And thanks for the mention!:)

  14. @myfinancialobjectives
    Thanks! Craig/FFB has a great tool for simplifying the Carnival! I think I’ll use his method for the next one I do…

    @Kristia@Family Balance Sheet
    Hi Kristia, welcome to the party 🙂

    Ah, the 1st Yakezie Carnival host!!! Yes, and I have a new found respect for you sir, thanks for pulling the 1st Yakezie Carnival together so quickly and with such style!!!

    The Yakezie weekly Carnival is indebted to you for paving the way!!!

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  16. That is what this is all about. The different ideas and sharing them with others.

    Nothing personal Zach!

    I am amazed by new tech gizmos. But just feel it is better to let them simmer a bit before jumping in.

    Thanks for the inclusion…

  17. @Dr Dean
    Actually, I thought it was awesome that both you and Zach had different outlooks on the IPad!

    For Zach, he concluded that he could make the device work so that he came out to a positive benefit in the end.

    Both you and I know that we would have a hard time justifying the cost of the product, and the time requirements to make it more economical give it price.

    Later, if it’s a big hit and when more software exists for it, and if the bugs are worked out (all 1st releases have bugs), and when the prices comes down, then perhaps we’ll take the leap.

    So, in the end (and I have been dying to type this), both you and Zach are correct in your analysis, and the purchasing activities that you’ve chosen to do or not do…

    Great job guys!

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