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How I Got A Deck Table And Chairs For 25 Percent of The Cost

Last year, at the end of summer, I bought my wife bought a $200 or $250 table and chairs set for our deck for at total of $50.00

How did she do this? 

Well, she bought the set at the end of the season, and it was the display model.  We usually don’t buy such sets, but for the price it seemed like too good of  a deal to pass up.

So what’s the catch? 

A few of the non-critical screws were missing, and the plastic end feet for the table are missing.  So for the time being, we used felt feet for the table.  this won’t last long, but it will prevent our deck from getting too scratched up.  Eventually I’ll buy some screws and plastic feet that will work with the table.

Both my wife and I enjoy getting bargains on the things we buy.   An example would be the WII pokemon game that we bought my son for his birthday.  He wanted this (at the time) expensive pokemon game, but I just didn’t have the heart to buy a $50.00 game that I knew he wouldn’t play for long.  So instead, I fired up my old friend Mr. eBay and searched for the game.  Surprisingly, all of the new games were still $50.00…  So I found a slightly used one for $12.00.    Which ironically would be about 25% of the in store price of $50.00

While I spent full price for for my son’s DS, I bought a slightly used on from my buddy at work for $50.00.   You might be wondering why I bought a used nintendo DS for my daughter.?.  Well, it’s electronic and I heard that the nintendo DSi was coming out soon at that time.  Technology typically only have a lifespan of perhaps 4 or 5 years, before it becomes obsolute.

I find tha tI have a hard time paying a premiun price from what I think it’s worth.  I’m usually the last to buy technology, because I know that the price repidly drops each year the purchase is prolonged!  This is why we still have CRTs instead of flat screens.

The key is to look for bargains during off seasons times so that you can get the best deal, or buy the product slightly used!


4 Responses to How I Got A Deck Table And Chairs For 25 Percent of The Cost

  1. That sounds like an awesome deal on an outdoor table. Patio furniture is mighty expensive, I know, I’ve done a lot of research. I just replaced a small bistro table for about $200, and that was the least expensive one I could find after searching the internet and many stores. I felt like it was a bargain considering everything else I’ve found was at least double that price. Thanks for sharing your deal seeking methods!

  2. @Little House
    Wow, you furniture sounds much nicer than mine!

    We are replacing a cheap white plastic table and chairs (tacky I know…). I’m sure my neighbors will be happy, it was an eyesore out on my deck!

    I’m borderline cheap (vs frugal) with respect to some things in my life… I’m getting better though!

  3. I was actually just thinking about how buying off-season saves so much money when I was at Eddie Bauer today.

    While shopping, I was noticing all the short sleeved shirts, priced at around 39 dollars. I run right by those tables and head straight to the discount rack. I can always find great deals there, even if it means buying a long-sleeved shirt in June. I am done growing (hopefully 🙂 ) so I buy a lot of my clothes off season.

    You will love your new patio set I am sure. There is nothing better than a nice breakfast outside and listening to the birds!


  4. @Everyday Tips
    Sounds like a good technique to me! With a little bit of patience, buying off seasons is a great way to go! 🙂

    Yeah, I can’t wait for it to finally stay warm (it’s a cold day… today). I have to admit, I haven’t bought myself a shirt for years. It’s one of the gifts I ask for my birthday, so I’m covered…

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂