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MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, May 2

Weekly Cache – 2010, May 2

Random Thoughts:

This is an interesting week.  I created a few pillar posts about 529s and ESAs, and went to visit my sister and her husband to see there new baby (2 months old now).

We went and played golf, and just took the weekend casually…  This week was a good warm week in my area, so it was hard to stay focused with respect to blogging, but I squeezed it in.  So I’m going to keep this section short and go right into the links below:

My Favorite Top 4 PF Blogger Posts For The Week:

Financial Samurai: The Dark Side Of Early Retirement – I liked this article because it brings to light what we do after we reach the point where we could retire early.  Early Retirement is kind of like wanting that razzle dazzle toy for Christmas, but then once Christmas come and we get it, we realize that it’s not that great and we don’t play with it…  Please reviews his points and don’t forget to check out the comments left!  There is great value in both!!!

Ready to Be RichThe Real Gap Between The Rich and The Poor Is Not The Money – This blogger identifies some of the characteristics of the poor, middle class, and rich.  I think he does a pretty good job in identifying the general viewpoints of each.  Very interesting read, check it out and see which group (poor, middle class, rich) you identify with the most.  Surprisingly, I tend to think more like the rich group.  Why this is surprising, is because I believed I initially thought more like the typically middle class guy, but perhaps not…

OutOfYourRut.ComWhy earning more money is more important than frugality – Kevin brings up a good point!  I especially like this post because it reminds be of an analogy that I alway have running in my head about this subject matter.  Being frugal is like having a great defense in football, It’ll prevent points from the other team from being gained (like debt).  But without a good offense (income sources), you’ll never get ahead.  It’s all about the “Increasing the Saving’s Delta” !!!

Planting DollarShould you make money with Adsense?  Ryan brings up a great points about adsense!  Perhaps with a little bit of extra work, we can all find a better revenue stream as the financial Samurai states in the comment section.

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons This Week:

Crucifying Goldman Sachs, Start of The Witch Hunts, this is my favorite.  While I think I have a better picture than most in this topic, I know I don’t know everything about it.  I do know you don’t throw out an entire shipment of good because of a few rats found onboard though!  I believe in their CEO.

Closing Thoughts:

As summer approaches, I find that I think I will try to take better advantage of this it year!  Yeah, I admit, I’m going to let lifestyle creep (or inflation) set in.  Hopefully, I won’t go hogwild though!!!

Hope your weekend was a fun as mine!


4 Responses to MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, May 2

  1. @Kevin@OutOfYourRut
    Great post, you are right! Too many people focus on the frugality part of the equation, and not enough on the income side of things 🙂

  2. Don-san, thanks for the inclusion and your very apt analogy. I don’t want to get to retirement and say, “Is this it?!” That would suck! lol.

  3. lol, indeed it would!

    Sam, you continually impress me with your thoughtful insight! You are the type of person that will have set the seeds now for when retirement rolls around for you, you will be prepared and make the most of it!

    Great Article!