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MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, May 9 – Mother's Day

Weekly Cache – 2010, May 9 – Mothers Day

Random Thoughts:

Another Mother’s Day spent on the road visiting our parents.  We took my wife’s parent’s out to lunch, and we took my parents out to dinner.

My wife’s parents recently bought a new house with an above ground swimming pool, they are in the process of getting it ready!  We stopped over to check it out and the kids are very excited about it.

At my parent’s house, they got a new black german shephard.  It’s a beautiful dog.  The dog was timid at first, but it warmed up to the kids, especially my son.  My parents have a hot tub, so the kids got their swimming suits on and got it.  It was cool, because it was 9:30pm and the star were out (my parents live in the country).  No adults went in because the tempature outside was in the 50’s…   The kids had a blast. 

My Favorite Top 4 PF Blogger Posts For The Week:

Money FunkThe Mother’s Day Edition – This was a great post by Christine about her financial influence (via her blog) on her mother!  What a great accomplishment!!!  Too often, we are experts in certain subject matters, but are incapable of teaching our family those areas of expertise.  I think it’s great Christine was able to cross that family chasm!!! 

Financial Samurai:  Where Did All The Time Go? – The message is solid, but this post is worth it just to hear Sam sing the once very popular Goo Goo Dolls song “Name”.  Sam did a great job with this version, but more importantly, he’s completing the list of goals that he had from the beginning of the year!  Great job Sam!!!

Little House In The Valley:  What Kids Know About Money – Awesome comments by her students about money, but I’m also impressed with Little House’s introduction of money to her students.  My son (9 years old), can already make change faster that I can (but he’s gifted with math), but most of the kids in his class can’t make change in their head.  Such an money introduction would be good for her class, kudos to you Little House!

Eventual MillionaireHow to Raise Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs – This is a great video that Jaime found!  I personally relate to this since there are many small business owners in my family.  While I’m not exactly pushing my kids to be Entrepreneurs, at one time in the past I’ve started an eBay business involving my son, and even tried to get him to start his own blog (with my help, of course).

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons This Week:

Can An Individual Make A Difference At Work, this is my favorite.  This one is different that my typical weekly favorite.  The comments by readers were so thoughtful and well written, that this post was elevated to my favorite for the week sole because of their great comments!  Thanks guys (Blair MacGregor, MoneyCone, Len Penzo, kt, Bret @ Hope to Prosper, Ryan @ Planting Dollars, Everyday Tips and Thoughts).  They provided an extra level of depth and direction!

Closing Thoughts:

Another busy but great weekend!  I continually learn great things from the blogging community!  This week, I submitted an article about overcomming your family history to succeed to tip’d, it was a great experience and I appreciate all those who tipped the article!!! 🙂

All those mom out there, have a nice relating Mother’s Day!



6 Responses to MoneyReasons Weekly Cache 2010, May 9 – Mother's Day

  1. Thank you for such kind words. And again, congrats on reaching Alexa heights. 🙂

    Now, I am off to go read Little House in the Valley’s post. Sounds like an awesome post. Oh ya, and check out the video on Jaime’s blog. Such good stuff. Much to read.

  2. @Money Funk
    Great article on your part. I actually felt a little envious that your mom was open to learn something from you… My mom has never learned anything from me 😉

  3. @Little House
    np, I think we all wish we had a teacher like you when we were in school… We’d all be so much further along financially. Great work with those kids!!!

  4. @Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire
    No problem, that’s for such a great article! It was truly inspirational, especially since I have kids…

    My parent’s previous german shepard had just died, so they decided to get a newish one (it’s 4 months old). I’ve never seen an almost all black german shepard before, she’s pretty though. She does look a bit like a wolf, kind of spooky…