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Comfy Time Out On The Deck

Not my deck but close enough


Yesterday after work, I decided to go out on the deck to chill out.  So, I unplugged the laptop and away I went!  

It rained earlier that day, washing away the hot muggy humidity that was lingering in the air making it hard to breathe!  These last few days have been more like a sauna, keeping me indoors instead of outside enjoying in the sun!  

Now, since the humidity is gone, I decided to go out and soak up the perfect environment.  The song birds are going crazy this evening, creating their frantic songs!  The clouds are slowly floating by, looking more like some grey ghost floats from a Macy’s parade than the soft billowy white clouds I’d rather see…  

My dog, while initially sniffing at the air, had settled down in her typical laying down position, looking like she doesn’t have a care in the world.  Occasionally, she’ll perk up at the sound of kids playing off in the distant.  Perhaps she thinks they are her kids (since my son and daughter are sleeping over at the grandparents).  

I decide to go into the fridge and grab the relaxing cool beverage in the usual brown bottle 😉  It’s a rare time alone, so I decide to blog about the experience, just to give a sense of what my life is like when I’m at my most relaxed time, batteries recharging so to speak.  And to read about some day, just so I remember how great it is here, right now, when everything is quiet and peaceful.  

I think how lucky I am to live in a clean, green world… and that minus the occasional distant kids playing, is very quiet and relaxing.   

As I turn slightly to my right, I see two rabbits jumping lazily in the neighbor’s yard.  I live in a 10 year old allotment, so many of the houses are newer and closer than where I grew up.  Seeing the rabbits aren’t that common, although one lived beside our chimney in the flowers a few years ago…  

In many ways, with the houses equally spaced, it kind of reminds me of a row of plants in a garden, although the trees have grown large enough now to break that feeling up a bit.  

In this type of setting, I do my best thinking and creating!  

I don’t get many days like this, but it’s part of living a frugal life, stopping to listen to the song birds and smell the freshness in the air after the down pour of a humidity freeing rain from earlier in the day…   

Life is good, and the evening is beautiful!  Soon the clouds will turn that reddish pink color as the sun starts to set.   

If you made it this far, thanks for listen to me ramble!  Some days like today are worth writing about alone!  

Have you stopped and enjoy any days recently, especially when it’s perfect outside?  I think it’s good medicine for a stressful life!  


9 Responses to Comfy Time Out On The Deck

  1. I have been spending more time on the patio this summer than I have in a long time. As a matter of fact, Sunday night I was watching the clouds go by for about 45 minutes. We then played ‘glo frisbee’ once it got too dark to see the clouds. (It was really windy that night.)

    It is wonderful to just absorb those moments of peace. Our yard has been loaded with toads for some unknown reason, and these simple things just make me smile.

    I think I know what I will do tonight, and I just might get a little brown bottle out myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Everyday Tips
    Dark clouds are cool to watch too. That particular day, the clouds where somewhere in the middle, but I still watched them a bit. They were moving fairly quickly up there, even though on the deck there wasn’t much of a wind.

    When the sun started to go down, a sea of fireflies appeared. It was like a rock concert with lighters going on and off…

    🙂 Good times!

  3. i dont have a deck but i have a balcony. I like watching sunsets and basically taking some time to watch life pass by for a few minutes. It is not only therapeutic but you also get to see how good God is at this creation thing. I mean the sunsets are always uniquely beautiful beyond description and everything is always so peaceful. No matter how hard the day was a good sunset gives you some peace of mind.

  4. It sounds very nice!

    I enjoy sitting out on our patio with the pets, enjoying cofee and reading the paper on summer mornings. Of course, it’s hard to leave all that and go to work…