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Hilton Head Bound… In August

This will be the third year that my entire family will go down to hilton head again.

Ironically, my son (while asking about Hawaii too) said that he wanted to go down to Hilton Head with the family again.  I have to admit, I’m looking forward to it myself this year too (see my post from this past winter).

We will probably go kayaking (hopefully) with the dolphins again this year, rent bikes to go on the various trails, and of course… hit the beach.  Now that I’m pretty comfortable with the location and have a feel for the location, I’ll probably read a little more and try to do stuff that I haven’t done the previous two years.

My only regret will probably be that fact that we didn’t  book a vacation on one of the plantations. The main reason that I would like to stay on a plantation is because my 6 year old is going to be riding a bike by herself.  The house that we are staying at is close to the main road into the island, and while the traffic on the road that the house is on isn’t too busy for an adult it’s still pretty busy for a 6 year old.  I might break down and rent another tag-a-long bike attachment.  That way, she would be more safe than ride a bike by herself…  I’m sure she’ll protest, but safety first!

This time around, I’ll also be taking my golf clubs, and perhaps even my son’s clubs  🙂

Unfortunately, we are not schedule to go down until August though, so we’re in for a long wait.

If you ever go down to Hilton Head, consider kayaking with the dolphins…  It was a much better experience than I thought it would be.


14 Responses to Hilton Head Bound… In August

  1. Hey Money Reasons – I am heading to Myrtle Beach in July. Can I kayak with dolphins there? Any advice for me? We are staying on the beach.

    I say, rent the tag-along bike attachment. Its worth the money.

  2. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    Thanks, my son was disappointed when we told him we are going in August :)…

    His fondest memory was the dolphins and the pool!

  3. @Everyday Tips
    Hmm, in Hilton Head they have a tributary that splits the island. Dolphins are used to swimming at that locations, so the probability of see them are greatly increases. In the ocean in general, I’m not so sure if they are at a predictable location or not.

    I do know that Myrtle has dolphin tours, and those are pretty cool too. You can kayak too…

  4. Thanks MR. I am going to pursue this further, and also see how far Hilton Head is from Myrtle Beach to see if going to that tributary is an option.

  5. @Everyday Tips
    We got fortunate, and seen dolphins (actually they came up right besides us with was cool), but they aren’t guaranteed.

    Half of the amazement for me was watching how excited my kids were. I hardly noticed the dolphins, but they freaked out! They were pretty excited, especially when the dolphin’s dorsal fin would appear beside us.

  6. The Wife and I went to book a trip to hilton head and were shocked at the price of flights from NY! SHOCKED. We ended up booking a trip to Sarasota Florida instead.

  7. @Evan
    We usually drive down. I use to hate it, but now I enjoy it because I’ll listen to a good audio book all the way down, and then another one on the way back.

    Sarasota, sounds nice… The closest I’ve come to that part of Florida is Clearwater.

  8. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    I would hitch a ride if I were you! Sometimes it fun to go with parents and siblings on vacation, and this is what we do when we go down to HHI.

    @Bucksome Boomer
    It will be HOTTTTT! But it’s a good hot, and hopefully the house we stay at will have a great air conditioning system. It will also have the pool in shade!

  9. i grew up going to S.C every year for a week in the summer and each year my dad and I would take our golf clubs.

    i highly recommend you take your clubs and your son’s as well you WILL have a blast.

  10. @James
    Thanks, Based on your recommendation, I will take his clubs too (they are a small set anyway). I’m thinking about getting him some lessons this summer!

    I have to admit, I’m looking forwards to going with my dad, brother-in-law and son!