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Money Reasons Weekly Cache 2010, June 13 Drive

Money Reasons Weekly Cache 2010, June 13

Weekly Thoughts:

This week we went to our local Drive-In Theater!  The drive in experience was great (as usually), but the movie was just so-so…  Life is often like that, sometimes you have to make the best of an experience even when it’s not perfect!  My kids still enjoyed the movie, and if they are happy, I’m happy!

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: Fit in a Fun Friday – Ghost Stories – I liked this post because of the great potential for having a sleep over with old friends!  I think Crystal is on to a great idea!

Early Retirement Extreme: The frugal challenge – Jacob is going a frugal challenge!  This is the challenge to take!  Much can be learned from Jacob’s site.

Sweating the Big Stuff: Surviving the Rags to Get to the Riches – Interesting information about the jobs that stars did before they become rich and famous, also very good tip on staying positive and inspirational.

Little House In The Valley: Who are the Real “Joneses?” – Little House finished the book “The Millionaire Next Door” and gives her revies.  But even more importantly, LH explains where the saying “Keeping Up the the Joneses” comes from.  I learned something new for that day!!!

Engineer your Finances: Fraud Prevention in Under 5 Minutes – This is some great inforamation and I recommend all my readers to check it out!

Ultimate Money Blog: What can you Compost? a List of Compostables – Truly a great list of compostables, there are even a few surprises in the list!!!

Wealth Pilgrim: IRA Beneficiary Rules You Need To Know But Don’t – Definitely something that everybody should know! In addition, perhaps even review your 401K beneficiaries too (I’m not sure if that applies or not, but you should play it safe!).

Free From Broke: When You Save Are You Really Saving? – This post actually got me to realize that the commercial media really does brainwash us into thinking we are saving money on purchases.  People say they save money on an item, but “Saving Money” means putting it in the bank, so who can saving be spending?

Well Heeled Blog: 5 Little Habits Now That Can Save You Big Money Later – These are some great tips!  My grandfather violated 2 of the (sunscreen and smoke), and later got both skin and lung cancer!  So not only will it save you money, it may save your life!  She also has: Sushi: An Expensive Culinary Habit – What can I say!  I love spicy Sushi!

Financial Samurai & The Amateur Financier:  In the post “Only The Poor or Super Rich Say, “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”“, Sam convinced me that: Money really can happiness, and Roger with “Can Money Not Really Buy Happiness” add a lot of value and reference links to back Sam’s idea.  Both are great reads!  Start with Sam’s post first to discover what go the wheel rolling on the evolution of this point, then check out Roger’s post for more great info!

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons This Week:

The Rich Employee at McDonalds – I blog about Clark Kent, and his unusual attitude towards working at McDonalds.  I also talk about this unforseen benefits!

Carnivals that I’m in:

Deliver Away Debt’s 600 Money Tips!

Closing Thoughts:

This week was full of things I learned, the biggest being the origins of the saying “Keeping up with the Joneses”!  Learning new things (even simple ones) always makes for a good week!

I’m going to conclude this day by watching “The Majestic” staring Jim Carey!  It’s a pretty good movie.


6 Responses to Money Reasons Weekly Cache 2010, June 13 Drive

  1. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    That would be soooo cool! Even if it’s just a friend and their spouse, even that would be pretty cool!

    Have fun with the Sleepover (if you get it arranged). It does get harder when you get older…

    My sister does these every so often, or she use to! Now that she has a baby, I think that kind of fun has been curtailed. It’s hard to do that with a newborn. Perhaps once the baby sleeps thru the night she’ll start to have friends stay over again.

  2. @Craig/FFB
    The Drive In is a great hidden gem in our city. The kids love it, especially the playground in from of the big screen. Not to mention that the food always tastes better sitting the back of our minivan, with the back hatch up!

    Hopefully, these will be great memories for the kids!

  3. @Mrs. Money
    Actually, some the things are kind of shocking! But still, once again, I learned something new (mainly in the comments with the latex)!

    Dog hair is the one that is most useful in the list to me though (I can’t bring myself to put dog yard waste in a compost pile though…)

    I was surprised how much I learned this week from other bloggers. Nothing earth shattering, but interesting all the same (especially the “Keeping Up With the Joneses” by Little House).