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Money Reasons Weekly Cache 2010, June 6

Money Reasons Weekly Cache 2010, June 6

Weekly Thoughts:

Life isn’t all about money.  Sometimes it’s good just to hang with your kids and learn where they are at developmentally.  Almost every time I have a father-daughter night out, I’m hanging with a different girl.  It’s amazing how fast kids change and the incredible person they can develop to become.

This leads me into my blogger’s list this week, Instead of the typical list of bloggers and articles, I’m going to list bloggers that impress me as bloggers that blog because they are selfishlessly trying to help people, and doing so without an alternate agenda.

My 3 “Eye Opening” PF Blogger Site:

Financial Samurai– Sam isn’t obvious, at first glance, you might think that Sam just likes to take a contrarian view and stir up dialogue (and this might be partially true).  But after reading his site for these past few months, I now understand that some of his message is question the statistics and media.  I can honestly say that he has switched my views on some statistics that I took as gospel.  And as for the Samaritan element, say has contributed to charity already and plans on continuing to do so.  And  on a more personal level, I can honestly say that Sam has helped me continue with blogging at times when I was feeling like it was more effort than it was worth!

Everyday Tips & Thoughts – Kris is one of the few bloggers that I know of that actually has a link on her site called “Ask Kris”.  All bloggers will field questions, but most often the reader has to submit it via an email process.  Her approach is more direct and easier.  While at first, I didn’t think much of the link, after reading her site, I now realize that she’s an incredible smart lady.  So clicking the link now has value to me and I would definitely recommend doing so if you want a very intelligent and easy to understand answer.  Needless to say, I’m very impress with her quality!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – Crystal’s site is full of great information, after reading her blog for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that she has a gift for identifying very interesting topics that mandate that you come back the next day for more!  Based on her post: Fit in a Fun Friday – Volunteering, I realize that she truly is a great person and although I didn’t think it was possible, I now respect her even more!!!

There are other sites that are worth looking at too.  Check out some of the other great bloggers on my list of Yakezie members

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons This Week:

A Perfect Frugal Drive, Maximizing Your Driving Return! – with a little work, it’s possible to save money by reducing the amount of gas used by consolidating your trips into 1 trip!

Carnivals That I was in:

Closing Thoughts:

I’m just scratching the surface with the incredible bloggers that I mention above.  Like my kids, I think I will find it interesting to watch these three bloggers grow.  Heck, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff just migrated her site from blogger to wordpress this weekend, a perfect example of growth!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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  1. @Personal finance
    Yeah, I really enjoy both “Everyday Tips” and “Budgeting in the Fun Stuff”! Both are newer blogs, but pack a mean punch! I’m hooked on both 🙂