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Are Kids Being Raised The Best They Possibly Could Be?

I’m starting to doubt that my kids are being raised correctly. 

I starting to believe that my kids (really all of our kids) are not being raised the most optimally as possible!

Why do I use the word optimally?  Because our kids are raise much better than some countries and overall, they have a very easy life.  But in a world where kids watch that very influential educator Mr. TV, are they really learning developing a sense of what is important in life?

Are we molding our children’s mind based on the teaching of the very influential Sponge Bob?  Are they learning to be goofy goobers?

What if we readers, were also raised as goofy goobers, but in a different generation?  Now we have a society of older goofy goobers teaching kids to be new goofy goobers, by letting them watch mind numbing shows similar to what we watched as kids…  No wander immigrants are more inclined to become entreupenuers that the local born population.

But even more importantly than restricting the amount of TV they watch, are we teaching them on how to be responsible and helping them to develop skills?  Currently, my kids don’t do any chores at all.  I’m starting to think this may be spoiling them.  Perhaps they believe that things should just magically happen for them?  I think that if all they experience growing up is good times, then when they are an adult, life may be difficult for them.  Any mild downturn, may confuse and frustrate them.  Will adult life be disappointing and unfulfilling for them?  Perhaps a little pain growing up make the pain later in life more manageable?

While nothing has caused me to write about this topic, it does have me wondering if I’m doing the best job of teaching and raising them as I possibly can. 

I’m don’t have a manual for what to do, so I try to give an equal balance of things that I think are important for them and their growth.

Ironically, I believe I have a good grasp around the financial teaching… it’s the other stuff I’m worried about!  This seems to be opposite to the general population.


7 Responses to Are Kids Being Raised The Best They Possibly Could Be?

  1. Have you read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell? He’s one of my favorite authors and, in “Outliers”, he studies how and why successful people become successful. It’s not a “how to” manual but it make you re-think some things. I think most parents would find it very interesting.

  2. @Jin6655321
    Hmmm, I’ll have to check it out! I really do want to do the best job possible for my kids. I guess to make up for my less than perfect childhood!

    Thanks again 🙂

  3. Um, no chores at all? Don’t tell your kids I said this, but they need to do some chores – if for no other reason than they need to learn how to do each individual chore. Could you imagine an adult that didn’t know how to do the dishes or clean a toilet? Or, even more importantly, learning how do do some manual labor allows the brain to form the paths to be able to learn other valuable skills, like doing their own small home maintenance jobs when they grow up. It’ll save them thousands if they can at least fix the small stuff.

    Now, if they know how to do the chores and choose to hire someone anyway when they grow up, more power to them. That’s the choice I made, lol. 🙂

  4. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    Hey, I never thought about the doing chores from a development standpoint! Great point!!!

    Ironically last night, my son came to me asking from some chores to do for extra money. So we are going to develop a list for him to start to perform.

    My daughter’s still work free though, but she’s only 6…

    Actually, that’s not entirely true… occasionally their grandparents have them do work at their houses, mainly in the garden…

    I’ll start to work with them more often, introducing more chores…

  5. do not forget the corporations making ads that imprint into the subconscious of the young impressionable minds. They are not been raised well. Most of the parents are too busy making ends meet in an economy this tough. Things like this can scare single people like me into just staying unmarried and childless

  6. @kt- lifedividend
    I agree about the corporation, but also both the right and left arms of government, not to mention the media that likes to sensationalize anything they can get their hands on to make a story.

    Integrity is at an all time low no matter where you look!