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Decks Are Well Worth The Cost

When we had our house built, we didn’t want to spring for the additional cost for a deck (the builder also said it would be wise to wait at least 5 years so the ground would settle), so initially we were deck-less…

I’m glad we waited, because if we did build a deck when our house was built, it would have been made of wood.  And that would mean maintaining it ever year.  While some people don’t mind staining or painting a deck every year or so, I would hate it.

We probably wouldn’t have a deck today, except my wife wanted one.  We had the money saved up, so we went ahead and bought one about 4 years ago.  It has been a great success!  Every year, I enjoy it more and more!  I didn’t have a deck growing up, so it was a entirely new experience for me.

As I mentioned above, I didn’t want to maintain it so I bought one of those composite wood ones!  Buying one of those systems, means that I don’t ever have to stain the wood (yay)!

Reasons why a deck is worth the cost:

  • Kids play games on the deck (toddlers basketball, soccer, etc).
  • We eat out on the deck all the time when I make hamburgers  from the grill.
  • I like to go out late night and sit in the dark.
  • We all like to sit in the sun on perfect sunny days.
  • When the kids are going crazy inside, it’s an area to escape too.
  • When the kids are being to crazy inside, sometimes we’ll send them out onto the deck.
  • Great for hosting small get-togethers or small parties
  • It’s also a nice location to write a blog entry when the kids are being loud or have friends over 😉

Have you ever resisted buying something because you underestimated the value in it, only to later be surprised and glad that you bought it?


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13 Responses to Decks Are Well Worth The Cost

  1. I feel the same about our patio – I love it. I just wish we had made it a little bigger.

    I had that ‘I am so glad I did this’ feeling when we converted our fireplace from wood to gas. So much easier to use, and I love a warm fire.

  2. I know this sounds awful, but I’d have to pick DVR and a big flat-screen tv (47″). I put off Mr. BFS for 2-3 years but finally caved a little while after we bought our house. DVR means I don’t watch commercials and the big tv is so much more fun to watch and listen to with our surround sound. We watch a lot of tv and movies Monday-Thursday evenings since our friends aren’t uber-close when you consider Houston traffic, so it makes sense for us. I wouldn’t be this happy if we didn’t actually use the things that much…

    We have a patio but we only use it to grill…the weather here just isn’t the kind that screams “let’s do stuff outside”, lol.

  3. @Everyday Tips
    I really thought that a deck would be a waste of money… until we started using it.

    It’s now one of the most reflective places I go to think. Very soothing, unless the kids are out at the same time 😉

  4. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    I hear so many great things about a DVR, but I haven’t taken the leap yet. And for our TV, we still have the old “CRT” style. I know I’m missing out… but our “CRT” is on it’s last leg and I would hate to through it away before it actually breaks…

    Once we do break down and buy one, I’m hoping that it’ll be awesome!

    I’m kind of waiting and looking for a reason to do it… (lol)

  5. I still have a CRT TV as well… a 13″… That I bought 12 years ago (and still going strong!)… for $110 (saved up my gift money for the privilege of having a TV in my own room). Sometime, I think about upgrading, then I do the math and get immense joy from realizing that the cost per utilization on that thing is just 75 cents per month. That’s pretty sweet. The BF, with his giant HDTV will have to use his for the next 175 years to get that kind of CPU.

    Oh, and I totally agree with BFS, DVR (well, Tivo for me) is very awesome.

    In answer to your question, I’m a bit of a Luddite so I’m going to have to go with any kind of personal technology (iPods, digital cameras, laptop, GPS, etc). At first I’m all, “I lived this long without it and I’m fine!” then, “Oh my, how did I ever exist without this?!”

    Thankfully, my sister is the opposite and she’s more than happy to give me her old, outdated “useless” gadgets. I live with it for awhile and if I find myself using it a lot, I’ll buy the newest version.

  6. @Jin6655321
    CRT TV’s Rule!

    It’s our first big TV (it’ either 32 or 36 inches long).

    Technology is a tough one for me. I’m in the tech fields, but I don’t have an ipad/iphone/ipod either…

  7. Ooh, your deck sounds really nice =)
    Nothing like blogging with the laptop and lounging on the deck.

    I thought that my macbook pro I got last year would be not fully utilized (it was $$) but I’ve been using it every day and love it.

  8. @youngandthrifty
    My deck is small, but maintenance free! And that’s just fine with me!!! 🙂

    It’s funny how we underestimate what we use and how we use it. I really didn’t expect to be out on the deck much at all, but it turns out I try to sit out on it when it’s cooler at night and everything is quiet!

  9. […] Reasons with Decks Are Well Worth The Cost  He feels as good about his deck as I do about our wood […]

  10. This is going to age me, BUT…my first husband was resistant to getting a microwave (early 80’s) but I knew it would be a big boon to this working mother.

    I finally bought one against his wishes and he ended loving it (who wouldn’t).

  11. I WISH our deck was wood laminate. You are 100% right about the annual staining/repainting. Plus… termites…

    This year I think we’re finally going to get one of those fancy gas grills so we can barbecue when it is nice outside. Though I guess there’s always the mosquito problem…

    Re: TV… we have an oldschool projector. Well, not THAT oldschool (no clicking sounds, no film). It was newish when we got it in 2002. We hook it up to the Xbox or a laptop and watch netflix and hulu and comedy central. It’s like a home movie theater.

  12. @Bucksome Boomer
    I could imagine the concern! Probably everybody initially thought the food would be radioactive!

    Actually thinking about microwaves, they are almost magic like!!!

    If it weren’t for our microwave, I don’t think I would make myself anything to eat (or I would be using the grill a lot more).

    Thanks, great contributions with the item! I bet it was pretty expensive initially!

  13. @Nicole
    I like the school projector idea! It sounds like an purchases that in the log run turns out to be a frugal one!

    If you have the proper tools, having a wooden deck wouldn’t be too bad, but if you buy these additional tools and stains, over the years the cost disadvantage of composite and similar decks narrows.