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Money Weekly Cache 2010, July 25

Weekly Thoughts:

This is the hottest July I remember in a long time.  It’s been a good time, and he have taken advantage of it by going wave running more than a few times!   We only got to go out boating once, our schedules are hectic considering the kids are off for summer break!

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons:

My favorite post this week a fun little piece called “If I Were Rich Today!“, and I have to admit, I had a lot of fun writing it!  If you get a chance, go ahead and comment on what you would do if you were rich!

Carnivals and Mentions:

Closing Thoughts:

Summer is moving fast that expected (but it’s always like that…), our big vacation isn’t slated until mid-August.  Based on the heat this year, it’s going to be a rough!!! 

I was telling my wife that it feels like we are down there already… at least the heat portion of it.

Today, I’m just going to chill out and enjoy the weather on my deck.  Currently, we are at the grandparent’s house… the kids are doing cannonballs into their pool.  SPLASH!!!

Enjoy the summer!!!


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