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Sometimes Getting Exactly What You Want Isn't The Best Experience

The experience was almost like this... relaxing...

Today, the weather forecast stated that althought the day was very cloudy, There was only a 30% chance of rain.  It was hot and humid, so logically even though it’s not sunny, it’s still a good way to cool off and have some fun with my son.

So I thought “hmmm, this is almost the middle of the week, we’ll go wave running early, beating the crowd (which should be less than typical since it looks like it might rain).”  I thought what a great idea!!!

Well, my idea worked a little too well.  Hardly anyone was out on the lake at all (I think I counted… maybe 5 boats).  It was eerie!  It kind of felt like the lake was closed and we were intruders that shouldn’t have been there.  With the clouds darkening the day, I expected a lot of bug to be over the lake, but luckily they weren’t!

So, as I claimed once we were in the water…  We owned the lake that day!  But you know what?  It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. 

The following are the Reasons that our time was less than optimal:

  • The lack of sunlight made it feel very strange!
  • The lake was so calm, there weren’t any waves to jump over and ride on.  This is half of the fun of wave running.
  • No people watching (albeit a brief encounter at best on the wave runners anyway, but still…).
  • Kind of lame experience, like singing in the shower… Nice but not like singing in front of other people (not that I can sing, blah).

It’s funny, how the almost total lack of people made wave running such a so so experience.  Surprisingly, a lot of things in life are similar to my experience with wave running and nobody being there.

Was it worth it?  Yeah, but it could have been better!

What do you think?  Have you planned something, then with the lack of background noise or other people, realized the experience wasn’t quite a good as with that noise or people?


6 Responses to Sometimes Getting Exactly What You Want Isn't The Best Experience

  1. The proverbial ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario.

    Wave running on glass would be less than optimal, that is for sure. Did you son have the same viewpoint as you? I know sometimes I may be disappointed because I really wanted an experience to be special. However, the kids were thrilled as ever, and it was me projecting my views!

  2. I’m strange. I hate crowds, so I really enjoy going places when other people aren’t around. I would have been the happiest kid ever! Sorry you were let down a little.

    Mr. BFS and I went to some underground rivers in Mexico on our cruise and loved the times when everybody passed us up and we were on our own (usually for about 15 minutes before another group of people would swim on by)…drifting on our own in cool water in underground caverns and through little canyons was awesome! We just chatted and took in the feeling…ahhh….

  3. @everyday tips
    That was the only positive! My son still had a great time. I think mainly because he got to practice some stunts (circles and riding the wave from the other waverunner, we use 2 of them).

    The lack of a crowd was nice, but the lack of waves not so much… 🙁

  4. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    Wow! The Mexican underground river really does sounds like quite the utimate experience!

    I don’t like crowds either, I usually go early to lunch/dinner just to avoid the crowds… But with waverunners, you need the waves from other bigger boats to make it enjoyable. Funny I didn’t think of that before!

    At least my son still had a great time.

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