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As Times Change, So Does Our Truths

Last week, I went out on a limb and suggested that the lesson from the old story of the Hare and the Tortoise might not be as true anymore.

I mentioned that I thought the rules have changed in such a way that the basis of the story is no longer the norm.  I believe we are now running in an Internet world, where information is cheap and readily available, giving the impatient and easily bored but faster Hares the advantages.

Here are other beliefs that I once believed to be true that aren’t today:

  • Pluto is no longer a planet!  It’s been demoted to a dwarf planet.  Sometimes life sucks if you’re an outlier and not like the other planets!  I heard that Pluto doesn’t really mind (much)…
  • Dogs do see colors!  My daughter asked this because she said she believes that they do.  Now I’ve been told since I was a wee lad, that dogs only see in black and white.  Not so, they do see colors, but scientist believe that they don’t see as many colors as a normal human being.  The scientists now say that they can see what a color blind human can see today.  (click the link to the left, it’s a great writeup)
  • I remember learning in elementary school that violins were made from cat’s intestines (guts).  But I have since learned that this was never true, old violins were not literally made of catguts!  Instead they were made from sheep or goat intestines.  Some people believe that catguts really stood for cattle guts (but this hasn’t been proven).
  • Holding a toad will not cause warts.  Wash you hands afterward though, some toads are poisonous.
  • Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb (but he did refine it)
  • Ford didn’t invent the automobile but did make the process more economical by creating an auto assembly line.

After googling false facts, I came across this great site:  It has a lot of great facts, check it out!

Is there anything that you have recently learned wasn’t true, that you once took as an obvious fact?


6 Responses to As Times Change, So Does Our Truths

  1. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

    When Pluto was reclassified, I bought my husband a t-shirt that shows all of the planets in a cafeteria lunch room. Pluto is sitting by himself and looking a little sad. The name of the shirt was “You are Not One of Us Anymore”. It was only funny because my husband was a science teacher that had to teach the solar system – for 2 years, Pluto was a planet, for the other 2, Pluto wasn’t…

  2. @Everyday Tips
    lol, I forgot about the swimming after eating fallacy! My grandmother would make we wait an hour before swimming in their swimming pool!

    Good memories! 🙂

  3. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    I was a bit sad that Pluto wasn’t classified as a full blown planet anymore. I hate re-learning what I’ve already learned as golden! Not to mention all the books that are now invalid!!!

    I got over it though! Sounds like a pretty cool looking shirt to me (I chucked when I envisioned it in my head)…

  4. I bet you meant that you were told that dogs see in black & white, not the gods 😉

    I feel a little bad for Pluto, and it’s funny to trick people who still think that toads cause warts 😛

  5. @Kevin@InvestItWisely
    lol, good catch! I’ll correct that dyslexic moment…

    Yeah, my son was preaching the “toads cause warts”, so to prove to him that they don’t… We had to ask Mr. Google… 🙂