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Money Weekly Cache 2010, August 22

Weekly Thoughts:

This was an interesting vacation week!  It rained almost half of the time, but I was able to accomplish a few of the things that I hoped to be able to do.  A biggy was to re-introduce some ocean fun to my son.  He’s had the unfortunate luck of getting stung multiples time in the ocean when he was very young (he’s 10 now).  It was hard to re-introduce the ocean to him without my son having some level of fear.  I was also able to teach both my daughter and son how to bodysurf.

Drat, a few hours after my first draft of this post, I got stung by a jellyfish.  The tide was low and the ocean was pretty still.  I saw a school of 1/2 foot long  fish, and I think I may have stepped on a sponge.  I was having my son go body surfing one last time (during low tide, which is kind of lame time to do this) when it got me.  I told my son to go inshore as I walked quickly in too.  At least my son wasn’t stung!!!

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

First Gen  Sandy brings up the question of Nature vs Nurture on Frugalism, and it really made me think about my own case.  I’m a fairly frugal guy, but I think a lot of my frugal habits was learned instead of me being born with it.  But I think it’s a combination of both…

Budgeting In The Fun Stuff10 Money Saving Tips to Save $1000 for the Holidays, Crystal identifies 10 money saving tips, and how she is able to save money with the tips!  I also liked this 6 Extremely Frugal Methods of Saving Money article for BITFS too, it makes fun of the extremely frugal methods that aren’t really that extreme at all.  This is a fun read!

Everyday Thoughts and Tips:  Kris had a great vacationing hotel series: Thoughts On Travel and Hotels, Part 1… and Thoughts on Travel and Hotels, Part 2 I love articles that I learn or reconfirmed something that I had heard!  This is one such article!  In the days of bed bugs infestations, these is a great must know posts!!!  Kris also had this great article that I couldn’t pass up: Thoughts For Thursday: Calculator Watches, Button Fly Jeans, Fishing Poles, and More! it’s very funny and a must read!  Actually, Kris had another great week like typical, check her site out!

Grumpy Rumblings of the UntenuredOctopus is the new black – This post mentions the Mimic Octopus!  It morphs its shape into different dangerous animals to deter other prey from attaching it.  Truly amazing and something I’ve never see nor heard of before!  Check it out!

Closing Thoughts:

There were some other great post out there too that I wanted to include, but I need to go to sleep now (it’s 5:00 pm)!  I’m going to drive through the night so everybody is fresh when we get home on Sunday.

Well, that was my big vacation for the year!  Hope your was as good (if not better) as mine!

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4 Responses to Money Weekly Cache 2010, August 22

  1. Wow, East Coast beaches must be infested! No one I know has ever been stung by a jellyfish in Galveston although we do see jellyfish bodies wash up on the beach after storms…

    Hope you feel better soon! Sorry your family seems to be targeted by the jellyfish mob…

  2. @Nicole
    Great articles, the Mimic Octopus was pretty amazing!!!

    @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    Yeah, I’ve been stung at least 3 times in my life time… Perhaps I should get the hint and not go to the beach so much for vacation 🙂