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Money Weekly Cache 2010, August 9

Weekly Thoughts:

Next week, I’m going on vacation, but not until Thursday!  We decided to go to Hilton Head Island again, because it’s a great family atmosphere!

In this “Weekly Cache episode”, I decided to eliminate my “closing thoughts” area.

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Budgeting in the Fun StuffFit in a Fun Friday – Drive-In Movie Theaters  – this is such a great experience!  Everybody should try to go to a drive-in theater at least once in their lifetime!  It’s more fun that you would imagine!!!

Free Money FinanceInteresting Retirement Stats – FMF asked how his readers are doing compared to the stats of average retirement balances.  The comments left by his readers are fascinating too!

Get Rich SlowlyDo Credit Cards Take from the Poor and Give to the Rich?  – This is a great example how numbers and statistics can be warped and twisted into something silly.  Currently, and when I made less money (near poor) in the past, I still used credit cards, taking advantage of the reward cards and paying off the balance each month in full.

Well-Heeled Blog:  The New Abnormal: Pinching Pennies To Justify Splurges – The spending choices that people make always amaze me.  This is a great article of such oddities!

My Favorite Post from Money Reasons:

In my post: The Reasons I Like Money Over Gift Cards I talk about how I had a card from Amazon that expired on me in a year’s time and became worthless.  This bad experience convinced me that I like cash over gift cards.  That said, I do have some gift cards in my wallet as I type!

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