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Once In A Lifetime Event That Happened During The Driving Portion Of Our Vacation Trip

Okay, I just spent over 10 hours driving in the car on the way down to Hilton Head in South Carolina, and I thought I’d share the most interesting aspect of the trip.

By far that most amazing thing (and the reason I’m blogging about it) was watching the “oversized load” home speed across the single lane bridge (due to construction) smashing and propelling construction barrels. This was fascinating, and reminded me of a comedy skit from National Lampoon’s Vacation or something similar!

It appeared to be one of those pre-fab houses! It as a bit bigger than a mobile home, but not by much. However, on the road, it took up the brim, it’s lane and a quarter of the next lane! So it had some decent girth!

The West Virginia construction crew was working on the bridge (but luckily, not at that time) and had the traffic funneled down to a single lane by using orange barrel’s to channel all the cars and trucks down to an extremely tight lane across the bridge… Well the house sped over the bridge crushing at least 40 barrels down to flatten pancakes. A few of the barrels where hit at the perfect angle and went flying onto the off-ramp (which a few semi’s had to run over them since they were on the off-ramp at the time).

After the incident, I wanted to check to see if damage had occurred on the house so I sped up and passed the semi pulling the house to looked back and check. On the side that hit the barrels, the protective framing was gone! While I didn’t see any direct damage with my quick glance… I’m sure there was at least a little.

If I only had a camcorder at the time (and we did in the far, far back area of our minivan)… Oh well, still it was a fascinating sight to see!

This event really had us laughing (although I did feel a bit sorry for the house owner for the slight bit of damage that happened to the corner of the house)… Have you ever seen anything as outlandish during your traveling to your vacation location?


9 Responses to Once In A Lifetime Event That Happened During The Driving Portion Of Our Vacation Trip

  1. Wow. I’m glad nobody got hurt. DH saw a semi flip once, but I wasn’t in the car. I did see a regular car flip on the way back from the grocery store.

  2. Money Reasons, that must have been surreal. It is actually shocking that nobody got hurt. Also, I don’t get why it flipped. I understand there was construction and it was a tight fit, but I would never expect a house to go flying off!

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. @Everyday Tips
    Oh, my bad it didn’t fly off of the trailer (but re-reading what I wrote above, I can see why everyone would think that). I just meant that it was going fast over the bridge. I was fascinated by the smashing of the orange barrels and those few barrels that went airborne for about 50 feet over to the off-ramp.

    Sorry for the confusion (I’ll change the confusing part in the original post), that’s what I get for post after a long trip on the road…

  4. @Kevin@InvestItWisely
    I thought it was odd too, at least take the time to squeeze it through slowly… But they didn’t miss a beat. Perhaps the driver overestimated his driving skills? I really did look like something out of a movie!

    Most of the barrels were crushed and flattened like pancakes! Crazy truly crazy!