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Vacation Mishaps And Expenses, The Dog Escaped

I’m sad to say that so far, our vacation has been a bust!

Earlier today, we were suppose to go crabbing, but it started raining, and wouldn’t stop!  Our friends that we were going to go crabbing with said that it has been a strange period where it has rained often in the evenings, making the pools in the area out of whack chemically.

From our friend’s house, we drove out to the island through a repeated downpour of rain.  Flash flood type of weather, not at all enjoyable.  The humidity also has been very, very high!

Once we got to the hilton head house that we rented for the week (along with my family), we learned that the dog my parents recently bought jumped the fence!  Since my mom in particular loves this new dog, she instantly wanted to fly back home to try and find the her.  Apparently, the dog keeps coming back (the boy that’s watching the dog has kept my parents updated), but is afraid of the boy and won’t come to him when he calls for her.

So the flight leaves at 5:30am this morning for my mom (my dad decided to stay).  My dad is going to drive my mom to the airport so she can be on the plane at 5:30am.  The ticket will cost $400.00.

Sometimes mishaps happen!  The dog that my mom has is very expensive and they were actually going to bred her to recoup some of the money spent.  The dog is an almost all black german shepard and although pretty, also very timid.  Unfortunately, she will only come to my mom and dad when called…

And to think, I was hoping I was going to blog about my frugal adventures crabbing.  It’s easy to do and crab is delicious!


14 Responses to Vacation Mishaps And Expenses, The Dog Escaped

  1. What an awful start to vacation! Will your mom come back? What a mess!

    I sure hope the weather improves. That is one thing you can never predict ahead of time, unless you go to California I guess.

    Get a crab for me- I love crab!

  2. @Everyday Tips
    Unfortunately, I believe she is going to say because the dog can now jump out (or so we believe).

    Originally, she didn’t want to come because of the dog, but with the grandkids and all, she decided to come anyway.

    I know they love their dogs, but we’ve used a kennel before and they work fine. That would have been best for her I believe.

    Hehe, if I can’t go crabbing, at least I can eat a few 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry your vacation isn’t going as well as anticipated! I’m also sorry about your mom’s dog – I think I’d kennel it if I was her.

    I really like my dogs, but I’m all for easy. If they wouldn’t stay with my in-laws without running away, off to doggy prison for them. 🙂

  4. Wow, that looks pretty wet. Friends of ours recently spent two weeks in (a normally dry part of) Spain and it rained all but two hours.

    My parents are like that about their dog too. She’s getting old and they’re scared she’ll die alone or in a kennel if they leave her, so for the past year and a half they’ve been visiting us separately.

  5. @Suba @ Wealth Informatics
    Ahhh, very true.

    So far, this has been the exception vacation. The last few times down here it’s been great weather wise…

    Perhaps I will consider Cali for another vacation sometimes (I’ve been there a few times in the past). Yosemite was truly great! Napa Valley was pretty darn cool too!

  6. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    I agree, we’ve kenneled our dog (a chocolate lab) more than a few times. Our dog always comes back glad to see us and just fine…

  7. @Nicole
    Wow only 2 hours of non-rain time in Spain… That would make me sick, if I paid for that vacation in Spain and that happened. At least there was a lot of culture to explore!!!

    My parents just had a dog that die a few months ago, that they were very close to. This is a replacement shepard dog that doesn’t have the warm friendly personality of the last dog, so they are trying hard to make her friendlier… Then this happens; I feel for them.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom having to fly home to fetch the dog! It also sounds like the weather is just not cooperating for you. Hopefully the remainder of the week will be spectacular; enjoy your vacation!

  9. @Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer
    Not much to crabbing if I remember correctly. Of course the cages have changed since I was a kid…

    I was really hoping my kids would get a chance to participate!