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Vacation Packing Chaos!

I admit, I procrastinated getting ready for our vacation this year!  Now It’s a quarter past 11:00pm and I”m still getting ready!

We copied our old pictures off of our digital camera, and I’m converting my audiobook to an MP3 format.  Since the ripping process created about 20 files per disc (and there are over 20 discs), I decided to merge all of the files per individual disc into 1 large file.  So if I continue this process, I’ll have 20 some mp3s  instead of 400 individual files…

Our car isn’t packed, actually our suitcases aren’t done yet either, Auggghhhhh!

Hopefully, I’ll be better (albeit tired) tomorrow and have something to write about other than continually working about getting things ready for our vacation!!!

To make matters even worse, these last few days I’ve come down with a summer cold.  Needless to say, tomorrow’s drive down will be an interesting one!  Luckily, my wife went out and bought me some sinus medicine, so at least I won’t be in pain like I have been for the past few days 🙂

Usually we have things packed and are ready to go days in advance!  But this summer has been busier than other ones for us…

With all that I have left to do, you may be wondering why am I blogging…  Well, what can I say…  I’m addicted! 🙂

Have you ever had to scramble at the last minute to get ready for vacation?  I have not, at least not to this degree!  I kind of feel like I’m cramming for a college test…


12 Responses to Vacation Packing Chaos!

  1. Last minute packing drives my husband insane, so I try and keep it to a minimum. (We were tossing things together so haphazardly one year, I realized I never wanted to do that again.) My kids are older and can help a ton now, so it really isn’t too big of a deal.

    Drive safe and feel better. Summer colds are the worst.

  2. We are procrastinators and always wait till the last minute…it shows maturity when we remember to do the laundry in advance instead of staying up until 2am. 🙂 So feel good that it could be worse, lol…you could travel with us, hahaha.

    Have a great trip!

  3. I hate packing so I do the opposite of you, start a week before hand (if I’ve given myself that much heads up – usually that isn’t the case and maybe thus my hatred) and then slowly add things I know I need over the course of time. Unpacking for me is even worse!

  4. @Everyday Tips
    I ended up listening to “Insomnia” by Stephen King all the way down! It was great. I did have some summer cold problems for about an hour, but I ended up taking some sinus medicine and everything improved!

    This was by far the worst year! I didn’t even get everything I wanted to get (I did get my laptop though 🙂 )

  5. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    I ended up staying up until 12:00am doing stuff, but then fell asleep while I was working on converting my audio book! I only got about half of the files converted, so half of the book will be on an mp3 play, and the other half is on CD.

    I think your vacations sound a lot more exciting than mine (especially the underground river!) 😉

  6. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    Or at least the most scary! Just shows you; you never know who is out on the road!

    Coming back from vacation, I plan on driving at night, so hopefully it will be a lot more quiet during that trip.

  7. Procrastination, in any form is a representation of the demon Behemoth. I can’t believe you would do such a thing for vacation! I always travel light and find packing to be enjoyable.

  8. @Joe Packing
    Packing is not so enjoyable when you have a family of four… Perhaps when it’s just me traveling, it’s much more easy, but I wouldn’t say it’s enjoyable… But to each their own!