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We Aren't We All Small Business Owners?

Why Not?

With cheap computers and computing services, why aren’t we all entrepreneurs

Ten years ago, computers were still pretty expensive, but I thought if they become cheaper, I’d become an entrepreneur.  I noticed that there are now a few of businesses that have been created since then, filling some of my ideas, but there are still opportunities!  

I have to wonder if the bursting of the  dot-com bubble  scared away most of us from trying that medium?  Perhaps after seeing the death of so many online business, the population in general, believe that it’s an impossible way to make money?  If so, this is sad, especially today!  

There is so many almost free computing options out there for entry into the online (aka dot-com) arena.  Computer themselves have become practically commodities, hosting services are very cheap, free software has some rock solid products (like wordpress, ubuntu/linux, php, mysql, apache, open office, etc) and there are even a few free DNS (domain name service) provider that will handle your site name to ip address conversion for free (like 

Okay, typing that last sentence, I realize that there is still a technical barrier to overcome, but it’s not that bad!  Plus, I’m sure there are great tutorials and online blogs and other documentation sources to help people get past that technical hump. 

I don’t think you need to strive to be the next eBay, but why not give it a shot, especially in today’s job market?  I think if I recently graduated from college, and was having a hard time finding a job, I would look hard and long at trying to create an online business on a shoestring budget while looking for employment in parallel!  If you don’t want to be bothered by the techy stuff, go in with a few partners, maybe a techie like me and an accountant.  Even if it’s not highly successful, wouldn’t it look cool on your resume?  Plus, you could even demonstrate your website to your potential employer. 

The key is to try to innovate, expand your presence in the world.  Even if your business flops, it would be cool to tell your kids that you were  once a web entrepeneur in your day 😉 


15 Responses to We Aren't We All Small Business Owners?

  1. I think this is a terrific idea for recent college grads; find something to do online while searching for other work. I also agree that the dot-com bust scared away a lot of people. On the other hand, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur; it takes creativity, courage, and a little bit of risk-taking.

  2. @Little House
    Good point about not everybody cut out to be an entrepreneur!

    It’s a shame that most of the people in the U.S. can’t be entrepreneurs as they were originally. The megastores and cheap overseas labor markets has made it so that many areas of business are no longer affordable in the U.S. With the exception of online sites. But it does take a certain level of tech savvy to do that. Unless you have a lot of technical friends (with spare time on their hands).

  3. I can’t speak for everyone one else, but I just haven’t thought of anything I’d want to do. Starting a business is a great idea if you have ideas…I’m just happy I discovered blogging last year! 🙂

  4. This is something you can do on your spare time without having to take a leap of faith, as well. Isn’t that what us bloggers are doing in a sense; running small personal businesses?

    The information revolution is truly only beginning, and will usher in a great new age of entrepreneurialism. Working at the same company for 40 years is a bygone era, but so what? I’ll take working for myself anytime 😉

  5. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    I’ve had a few ideas, but that was year ago, and now most are already out there, or at leat a similar for of what I thought…

    I think if I were a college graduate, I’d try something, anything just to get a site to show on a resume…

  6. @Kevin@InvestItWisely
    You are correct in both your points!

    I’d rather work for myself too (eventually), and we can do it in our spare time 🙂

    The internet is everywhere, and new graduates have to think outside for the box to fully exploit the net!!!

    I could be a great time to try things 🙂

  7. @Financial Samurai
    Yes we are (although really really really small in my case) 🙂

    If I were a recent grad., I would at a minimum be blogging or trying to establish a product to sell on ebay, or better yet, both.

    I was going to expand on this post (and maybe I will), by mentioning the introduction of business skills that can be gained by both, and the other less obvious advantages.

  8. I don’t think I could do the small business thing as a side hustle unless my day job was totally mindless. My fear is that it would affect the quality of my work for my day job (always thinking and obsessing about it) and I would be less productive and lose my primary source of income via slacking.

    That being said, I always have a bunch of balls in the air at any one time, so maybe it’s just my way to talk myself out of it. I’m still trying to figure out if blogging is something fun, or a huge time suck that is keeping me from doing other more productive things. I will try anything for a while though.

  9. @Sandy L
    Just having a blog is as Sam says a small business in itself.

    If you were to search from a new job for some reason, you can list your website on it somewhere. It’s got to be pretty impressive to a potential employer.

    As for making money with it… well, that’s a different story. I haven’t see too much come in yet, but I’m my blog isn’t even a year old yet. Perhaps after 2 or 3 years, the story will be different.?.

  10. I agree with Sam, to a degree, you already are a small business owner. I just depends on how small or large you want it to be.

    I think computer based stuff would also be great for a teen or college-aged kid. I am trying to get my oldest to blog as he is a great writer and has a fantastic sense of humor. But what a great way to make a little money and you don’t have to deal with grease fires!

  11. The reason is very simple that we all cannot be small business owners by accident.

    We have to desire it,plan for it and start it earlier than the road

  12. @Payday Loans
    True, but in the US, at one time almost everybody (or at least a higher percentage) was an entrepreneur (farmers, candle makers, blacksmiths, etc…)

    I just think it would be cool, if we had that same type of spirit with online businesses.