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Minimalist vs Freegans, Money Fight Matchup #1

I’ve been far to soft here at!  It’s time to get some opponents into a “Cage Ring” and have them tear into each other.

Today, two opponents are going to go for the gold by duking it out for three rounds in the rusty cage!

In this corner we have the Freegans - They are heavily into recycling food and other products by digging for them in dumpsters and other such locations.

In the other corner, Minimalist – People that try to restrict the amount of products they consume in life.

Who is the Greenest of Them All?

Freegans, consume mainly recycled furnishing and thrown away food that was found out in dumpsters.

Minimalist live with as little furniture as possible, but they still have to buy their food!

Round 1 goes to the Freegans.  Why?  Because it’s better to get rid of trash that would be sitting in a landfill (via recycling) vs creating a minimal amount of trash.  While it is close, Freegans win.

Who has the Healthier Lifestyle?

You probably would expect the Minimalist would win this one, and you would be corrected!  The Freegans go out after nights on their “shopping” trips to pick up food and goods out of the dumpsters.  There is way to much potential for getting sick from some sort of bacteria or virus, not to mention safety concerns…

Round 2 goes to the minimalist.

Which group has the potential to make more money?

Both work in similar settings.  Both can be well-educated, but the minimalist edge ahead just by the slightest of margins!  And this is because they would be healthier and live a tighter existence, so that they have fewer distractions.  This enables them to focus effectively on things in their life such as their jobs, significant others, and whatever else they choose to value.

So round 3 goes to the minimalist!

So the winner of this first Money Matchup goes to the Minimalist!

I’d like to thank both contestants and wish them well :)

If you have any interesting point to make between the two, please do tell ;)


12 Responses to Minimalist vs Freegans, Money Fight Matchup #1

  1. You know I love to mention freeganism every chance I get as it is a lifestyle I just cannot imagine. Sure I love to recycle and such, but I cannot recycle garbage into my own stomach. (Even I have my limits.)

    Thanks for the smile today Money Reasons!

  2. Okay, no more freeganism references people – it makes me green… :-)

    I’m not either. This post reminds me that I have a few things at home I really need to sell.

  3. @Nicole :) I thought I’d change the pace a bit…

  4. Jason @ Redeeming Riches says:

    Hilarious! Go minimalist!!

  5. @Jason @ Redeeming Riches
    I wonder if I wasn’t married with kids if I too would be a minimalist. Actually, perhaps I already was. I didn’t have much as a poor college student!

  6. Minimalists all the way. They already knocked out Freegans in round 1!

  7. @Financial Samurai
    I admire both groups, and they are exciting… but I like a more balanced approach

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  11. I thought minimalists can make more money because they can write ebooks about how minimalist they are….

    haha I kid I kid. That was tongue in cheek. :)