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Minimalist vs Misers, Money Fight Matchup #2

Well, it seems the Minimalists already have a new challenger!  With the freegans beat during the last matchup, the new challengers “The Misers” have issued some serious smack calling the minimalists “Baby Nothings“.

So, let’s GET IT ON:

Who is the Greenest of Them All?

After a tough fight from both camps, this battle is won by the Misers!  You see, the minimalist, while taking a vow of trying to buy as little as possible has been perfectly countered by the Miser’s level of cheapness and using what they find (they recycle).  So from a “which group is the more green” perspective, the Misers actually win this one, but it’s not entirely because they try to be… no, it’s because they are too cheap to do otherwise.

Who has the Healthier Lifestyle?

Another tough battle (most misers live to be pretty old), but the minimalist pulls ahead (barely) on this one.  Part of it is their minimalist lifestyle, but part of it is the wisdom they have around health these days.  However, we only head about the wise minimalist, I’m sure there are plenty that are living on ramen noodles, day in and day out…

Which group has the potential to make more money?

This is where the fight becomes both ugly and unfair!  The misers are for the mostly part rich, while the minimalist are an unknown factor.  So this is like winning the fight by default since the misers are rich already.  If they need to use their incredible savings, they have access to it.

So the winner of this Money matchup goes to “The Misers”! 

This was a close call because a lot of the minimalist can evolve over time into Misers too, if they aren’t careful!  So it’s entirely possible for a “Baby Nothing” to evolve to a “Rich Nothing” if they are not extremely careful!

This fight was a big of a shocker to me, especially with respect to the similarities between the two.

Not all misers live the way the media represents them…  These two groups are very similar in many ways!  The minimalist being the younger version of the older, more wealthy misers.

I know that minimalism is the newest fad but what do you think?  Is the minimalist life style for you?  


8 Responses to Minimalist vs Misers, Money Fight Matchup #2

  1. Too bad I missed out on this challenge! It sounds like fun. 😉 I think I would place myself in the category of minimalist, but it looks like the misers come out ahead except in the health. I guess I’ll have to catch you on the next challenge!

  2. Actually they parallel each other in some ways. Misers are always represented by Scrooge and people using grocery bags as shoes but are really rich…

    I’m in the frugal camp, which minimalist are pretty much an extreme version of… so I’m definitely not bad mouthing them (not the freegans for that matter).

    Now I have to think of who to pit the Miser’s group against next week (lol)…

  3. I don’t know if I can’t see myself between the two. I believe in balance and from what I see, these two characteristics are both extreme. It is important to find where we can be most productive and not just following a lifestyle that would deteriorate our well-being.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  4. @Walter
    Yeah, I think these 2 groups are very similar in most ways. I’m not sure how stingy the minimalist are, but if they are, then they aren’t any different from the miser group, just younger…