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Misers vs Frugalists, Money Fight Matchup #3

Just a week and already a new challenger has stood up to challenge the Misers!  The Frugalists, taking the road of righteousness, called out the Misers, and started talking smack about the Misers being a bunch of old Scrooges and that their time was from a yesteryear.  Finishing off the Frugalists tirade what a last jab stating to the Misers that “The 1800s called and they want their knickers and straw hats back“.

So let’s get DOWN TO BUSINESS:

Who is the Greenest of Them All?

The frugalist move first, they jab with recycling, gardening and buying things on sale.  Their move was calculated and controlled.  However the Misers countered with extreme cheapness, recycling, hoarding and self-denial!

The end results is that the Misers, in a very narrow battle win this first battle!  Advantage Misers!

Who has the Healthier Lifestyle?

The Frugalist came into this one thinking hands down they would knockout the Misers, but this was not so!  The Misers typically live a long time or so it seems, while the frugalist’s life at the end isn’t well recorded!

After a brutal matchup, the Frugalist does win this portion of their fight too, but it was closer than anyone thought!  In the end, it was the social health and quality of foods, and how the Frugalist’s life was lived that gave them the win.    Advantage Frugalist

Which group has the potential to make more money?

The rich Misers came out swinging with the Net Worth statments!  This was a blow that almost knocked the Frugalist out.  But the Frugalist countered with a better use of money and the way that they valued the money.  They claimed that a coffin full of dollars is worthless money to the Misers and that even though Frugalists had less, it was worth more to them!

Advantage Frugalists!

So the winner of this Money matchup goes to “The Frugalist”! 

This is another example where at first, the two fighter seemed like copies of each other.  But after the fight it was obvious that the Misers were more in the cheap camp, buying the cheapest of products, even if the goods were inferior, whereas the Frugalists tend to be more value oriented with respect to  their shopping habits!  The Frugalist buy products that have the most value for the money paid

Good matchup, congratulations “Frugalists“!

Misers, please exit at the rear of the building!


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