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MR Cache 2010, Sept 11 – Bad Email Stuff Out There… Beware!

Weekly Thoughts:

The “Here you have” email worm was everywhere!  A lot of well established businesses got zapped by it.  My hosting site experience a problem too.  I’m not sure if it was related, but it was the same day, so I’m inclined to think that is was.

If you get an email in your mailbox that has the subject line “Here you have“, don’t open it!  Delete it right away!  Even if it comes from your mom, friend, spouse or someone from Nigeria trying to give you a millions of dollars.

Invest It WiselyThe Rising Chinese  – Kevin talks about China, and how incredible fast their countries is evolving into a big player!

Move To PortugalFrugal habits I’ve gained so far – Laura has some great, original frugal habits listed at her site!  Check them out, perhaps you find some new ones like I did!

Well Heeled BlogLife Without a Budget: 4 Questions to Ask  – Why make life harder than it has to be, especially if you don’t have a spending problem!  well Heeled ask some pretty smart questions about the need of a budget if you don’t have any problems.

Everyday Tips and ThoughtsColleges Worth the Investment????  I confess, I had a hard time picking which story I should pick from Kris!  She had another stellar week!  But this one hits at home with me because I worry about the crazy cost a college education is today for kids.  It’s getting to be like it was back in the 1800, where only the very rich could afford to go…

SquirrelerFrugal Baseball Player – Version 2.0 – Incredible story of frugality taken to the extreme!  While I’m not a baseball fan, this was still an incredible read worth checking out!

Consumerism Commentary:   Qualifying for a Mortgage as a Self-Employed Individual – Sounds like Flexo is at a financial crossroad of his own!  I can see where banks would be afraid of lending to a self employed individual…  But Flexo has a great track record, hopefully them give him the loan!

Financial SamuraiThe Secret To Early Retirement – I think Sam is onto something!  Check out this humor alternative idea to retiring early!

First Gen American.comDream Homes and Gut Reactions – Wow, to me I see a disaster, but Sandy has skills!  If you read her previous post before this Dreams one, you’ll learn that both Sandy and her husband are great at fixing up homes.  I don’t know if I could do it, but I believe in them and their choice!  The property does have a remarkable view!  I wish them luck!!!

Saving Money TodayWeb Scams Are On The Rise – Very scary statistics about honest, trusting people being scammed on the web via phishing and other bad techniques!  If you are a blogger (and tech savvy) please go out of your way to education other about these horrible scams!

Couple Money1st Anniversary Giveaway – Wow, what a great 1 year giveway…  I’m very impressed!

Grumblings of the untenured:  Searches that find our blog amuse us  –  Although I mainly read pf blogs, I find my self checking out this blog centered around 2 friends that are teachers that live in different states.  I think just their about story is fascinating.  Check them out for a different spin on life!!!  Rarely, do you get such opportunities.

My own favorite post of the week:

My favorite post was Things To Do In The Fall, because I was able to include the activities that other commenters mentioned about what they do in the fall!

Recent Carnivals:

Closing Thoughts:

Whew, this is almost a mini-carnival!  I find that there are so many great blogs out there, that I find it difficult to limit them to 3 or 4 as I initially planned for this weekly link love post!

13 Responses to MR Cache 2010, Sept 11 – Bad Email Stuff Out There… Beware!

  1. The only reason we have skills is because the contractors in our area are completely incompetent and expensive.

    Thanks for the link. Lots of good stuff this’s hard to pick favorites for sure.

  2. @Nicole
    Yeah! I had no idea how diverse octopodes are!

    Even the plural form of octopus is diverse! You see, octopuses, octopodes and octopi are all acceptable forms for the plural form of octopus.

    I grew up thinking/learning that octopi was the correct form… 🙂

  3. @Kevin@Invest It Wisely
    Yeah, reading your China article was like reading an article out of Time Magazine! I was very impressed, and excited for you (learning Mandarin and all)…

    Good advice! I use both Firefox and IE… I started with IE though, so I still default to that one first.

    If I’m on a linux workstation, Firefox is my choice (although Chrome is still an option, but I haven’t tried that yet).

  4. @Financial Samurai
    I got slammed with them. They keep popping up on my screen. Eventually, I created a rule in outlook to have them autodelete when they came in…

    Horrible day! Plus my site went down… something about my provider’s backbone.

    I was very happy when the weekend arrived!