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MR Cache 2010, Sept 26 – Changes At My Site

Weekly Thoughts:

I don’t like to write articles on Friday and Saturday nights.  On Saturdays, I do my weekly review post called “MR Cache” series ahead of time so that I minimize my Saturday night work…  But Friday night’s post I would often skip, leaving Saturday morning without a new post.  Now, I’m content with leaving Saturday empty, but then I started thinking, “Why not post something funny that I create earlier in the week“.

And thus was born the limited series:  Money Fight Matchups!  A semi-humorous fight matchup between different financial groups ( like Freegans vs Minimalists and then Minimalists vs Misers).  I’m also considering expanding my creative process to occasionally drawing an funny comic (As a young boy, I would often draw for hours)…

My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Time’s – It’s Your Money:  138 Money Tips – Great tips from a compilation of an incredible cross-section of various pf bloggers.  Money Reasons is both humbled and honored to be included alongside those other great pf bloggers in the article!  The list of Brad’s tips are fantastic!

Lazy Man and MoneyVacation from Blogging. –  While this blogger was vacationing, he put a link up, where I was one of the links offered for people to check out.  In this case, I just wanted to say thanks and share some link love back!

Budgeting in The Fun StuffGoing Too Far to Save Money – What a fun post, and one that made me remember people who go to far to save money.  Even the comments were a great read!!!  Check it out, perhaps you can think of some additions to add yourself!!!

Everyday Thoughts and TipsWhat Will Happen When Kids Have To Live In The Real World? – ETT talks about the way certain parent, coaches and refs let kids act like jerks.  She and I both wonder why?  I blame our sue happy society, nobody want a lawsuit filed against them… even if it’s obvious that there is no case.  Personally, I think the US is at a breaking point with some of this stuff. 

Cash Flow SherpasSaving Money and Time With Audiobooks – Great article on how Audiobooks saves money and potentially your life…  Okay, I confess, this is my guest post at Cash Flow Sherpa’s site.  As regular readers already know, I’m a great fan of getting audiobooks from the library!!!

Watson IncWhy Do We Save Anyway?  – Roshawn does a beautiful job of summarizing why we save money, I was truly impressed.  For a wonderfully analytic piece broken down in an easily digested format on saving reasons, check this link out!

Wealth Pilgrim: Family Business Consulting Free Resources – Neal speaks about the resources that are free or near free available to small family businesses.  As I try to get my kids involved with their own business experiences, these resources are something that I will consider in back of my mind!

Len Penzo dot com21 Reasons Why Corner Lots Are For Suckers The parents of my best friend growing up had a corner lot, so I know all of the horrors that Len identifies with his 21 reasons!  If you are considering buying a corner lot, please, PLEASE read Len’s article first!  I think you may be in for some surprises!

Well Heeled BlogGen Y, Recession, and Money Attitudes: My first post at LendingTree Blog – Well Heeled is now writing for Lending Tree!  How cool is that!  Her first article was wonderful, check it out: Recession Changing Generation Y Money Attitudes!!!  I was very impressed!

Grumpy Rumblings of the UntenuredThird Stage of personal finance: Boring?  –  I’m in the third stage currently, and but I’ve decided not to become complacent!  I’m still going to hustle and try to do side work.  It is a comforting stage though, and I’m glad I’m here!  Nice writeup!

My Favorite Post from the Week:

My favorite post this week was Raising Savvy Business Kids, but mainly because I’m all about raising my kids to my best abilities!

Closing Thoughts:

This was a great weekend!  Both of my kids scored goals in soccer on the same day!  This is the first time that I think they both scored goals on the same day ever!  I was very proud of both of them!!!  Someday, when they are older, I hope they read this and realize how great their Dad thinks that they are, and how luck I am to be their Dad!!!


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  1. *Roshawn @ Watson Inc
    *Everyday Tips
    *Crystal @ BFS

    Hope everybody had a great weekend! I was more then glad to post works from each of you, good stuff, we all rise together with the great material that is being generated by everybody 🙂

    Kris, luckily, the weather for Soccer wasn’t bad down here, I wore short sleeved shirts and short to both games 🙂 I’m enjoying this warm, dry Fall that’s for sure 🙂