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Things To Do In The Fall

I decided to create a “Things to Do in the Fall” list much like I did with my summer list which was posted as: My Summer Fun Things To Do List.  The first day of Autumn/Fall officially starts on 9/22/2010, so it’s literally just a few weeks away!

As with my Summer list, if any readers care to enter things that are different from my “Things To Do In The Fall” list  in the comment section below, I’ll add them below my list in a different color and then add the blogger’s site somewhere near the end of this post, basically in a similar way I did with my summer list version.

List of Things to Do In the Fall:

  • Football Game Parties:  This year, my son and I are going to have a few family fall football parties to enjoy!
  • One Last Attempt to Camp:  We didn’t get camp out in summer because it was too hot.  It’s hard to go camping now because of all the activies the kids are in…
  • Campfires in our Backyard:  Yes, we’ll do this just like we did this past summer, but with sweaters on!
  • Soccer Games Galore:  With both kids in soccer, my wife and I get to enjoy a lot of games…  Recently, we attended a soccer tournament, that I enjoyed more than I thought I would.
  • Listening to Crinkly Leaves Blowing on Trees in the Wind:  This is something that I have grown to appreciate!  When it’s twilight or even a little past dusk, I like to sit out on our porch and listen and watch the leaves blowing in the cool Autumn wind.  Usually I’ll be drinking a brown bottled beverage, and just chilling with my dog (she’s a female chocolate lab).
  • Trick-or-Treat:  My son is starting to outgrow this event, but luckily, my daughter is still into it.
  • Halloween Parties: For the past view years my neighbor has hosted great Halloween parties (I called them the Joneses), but now since they have moved to a much bigger house, this will probably not happen this year.  But there are other people to party with, so we’ll see.
  • Haunted Hayrides:  I think my kids are old enough to try this now…  We’ll see if I can convince them to try this or not.
  • Leaf Collecting:  My daughter loves to collect colored leaves in the fall.  She is such an amazing kid!!!
  • Jumping in Big Piles of Leaves:  Not for me, I know that leaves on the ground are dirty, but my kids still enjoy it.  We make them take a bath afterwards…
  • Driving to See the Sites:  We like to drive out in the country when the leaves go through their stages of color change!  We also like to go out and check certain areas that are known for dressing up their house for Halloween.  It’s a great time, that hopefully the kids will appreciate the drive this year.
  • Fall Festivals:  Apple Cider and fun times!
  • Visit to a Winery:  Is there anything cooler than going to a winery sitting out on the deck with a sweater one, just chilling your significant other (and kids in our case)?

Reader Additional Tips:

  • Nicole:
    • Visting the cities, festivals and fairs
  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    • Outdoor excercising
    • Long walks in the parks (and the check out the new dog park)
    • Halloween
    • Thanksgiving Feasts
  • Invest It Wisely
    • Apple picking
  • Wealth Informatics
    • Apple & pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving
    • Fall colors drive (especially in Vermont)
  • Barb Friedberg
    • Take some week-end business/pleasure trips
    • Enjoy the changing leaves-and that includes of course long walks
  • Sandy L
    • Driving around and hiking up a mountain is always at the top of the list.
    • Apple pies and hayrides are a close second!


What cool fun things this fall are you planning to do?  Any special traditions?


22 Responses to Things To Do In The Fall

  1. We’re hoping to get into the city more often this year. And there are a bunch of festivals and fairs in the greater area that we might try out. Hopefully we’ll get a grill before it gets too cold and enjoy it out back.

  2. Fall is when I start exercising outside again and take long walks in the park. I’m also looking forward to seeing how my dogs enjoy the dog park about half an hour away. Like you, Halloween is on my mind and I absolutely love the feasts around Thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. Take some week-end business/pleasure trips; NYC, San Francisco, Cincinnati.
    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FALL ACTIVITY: Enjoy the changing leaves-and that includes of course long walks.

  4. @Nicole
    Yeah, it would be good to get some last minute grilling in! I’m really in the mood for apple cider this year. While I like apple cider, I haven’t craved it like this for a long time…

  5. @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    Thanksgiving will be a hoot this year! My sister’s baby will be close to 1 years old. I’m looking forward to both Halloween and Thanksgiving this year, more so than other years…

  6. @Barb Friedberg
    A long walk through a park with the leaves changing colors does sounds great!

    Cincinnati? I can see NYC, San Francisco, but unless you live close to Cincinnati, I don’t see the draw?

    Now you peaked my interest! I’ll have to check out Cincinnati!

  7. Great ideas Money Reasons! I actually have a list already written for the first day of fall, so I will reveal all my great ideas then. 🙂

    Kevin, you are never too old to jump in the leaves. As a matter of fact, I saw a giant pile last year, pulled over my car, and my daughter and I jumped into it. It was fun, until my daughter realized her phone had fallen out of her pocket in the leaves, and it was dark out, and turned off since she had been at the movies. We eventually found the phone, but it wasn’t easy! Lesson learned: don’t jump in the leaves without setting your phone and keys aside first!

  8. @Everyday Tips
    I like to do list like this one, it enables me to get great ideas from other bloggers for fun activities to do! Come winter time, I’ll probably do a winter one too!

    Perhaps (if I remember), when you do your list, I’ll link to it 🙂

  9. Looks like I need to start having kids to re-enjoy these activities. At least now that I’m married it wouldn’t look as creepy as if I did them by myself!

  10. @FinEngr
    Not totally, the Halloween Parties were adults only 😉 They were always a blast!

    I walking in the forest, watching the leaves change colors is always enjoyable too 🙂

  11. Great list! I love how you incorporate family time into your “things to do list”.

    I love love taking walks and walking on the crunchy leaves. I don’t know why, but I just love that sound. =)

    I’m still hoping for an Indian summer here, but it looks like it’s not happening so far.

  12. @youngandthrifty
    Family is a very big part of my life at this point in time. The kids grow up so quickly!

    I really like listening to the dried leaves blowing in the kind in the fall. It’s an awesome sound :)!

    I was hoping for an indian summer too!!!

  13. I live in New England so fall is the best time of year here. If you’re within leaf peeping distance taking a drive around and hiking up a mountain is always at the top of the list. Although apple pies and hayrides are a close second.

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  15. @Sandy L.
    Ah, you do get a visual display then… Almost like a firework display that’s frozen.

    I’m hoping you take some pictures of all the great colors, and post them on your site 🙂

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