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I Moved, My Website is Now at BlueHost

After a few small outages with my last site host over the month of September, I decided to go with “Bluehost

Now some of you might be asking, why Bluehost… isn’t it one of the more expensive host out there?

Yes, It’s true, it is a few more dollars a month, but I’ve been doing some speed testing of different sites using free online site checkers and my test results has shown that the other sites that I know of, while receiving very respectable performance times, weren’t quite as fast as bluehost..

Here is the real kicker…  I view the slightly higher cost as an advantage!

Why?  Well, I think that since BlueHost is more expensive, fewer people will be buying new accounts in the short-term (at least until BlueHost reduces their rates again). 

Sorry for this lame post.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back to a more normal routine (I hope) and write a longer post.


8 Responses to I Moved, My Website is Now at BlueHost

    • Hi Roshawn,

      I was just trying to make myself feel better about the price 😉

      I’m hoping it has some merit though! The performances stats are pretty accurate though.

      Later, I ready that sometimes Bluehost gets as low as $4.95 for the same package that I got, grrrr…

      Oh well 🙂

  1. First off, congratulations on breaking the 100,000 Alexa rank!

    Second, I think you will be happy you switched. I don’t know anything about blue host, but I know you have been contemplating this awhile because of some issues with your previous setup. I use inmotion hosting and couldn’t be happier. It will be great for you to get your ‘system’ off your mind!

    • Thanks!

      This will be my 2nd time passing this elusive mark :)…

      Ironically, the first time I passed it, I held for 2 days and them started to move down (along with everybody’s scores) for some reason…

      Hopefully, it’ll hold for more that 2 days this time 🙁

  2. MR- I’m on Bluehost as well and think they do a great job. And in the scheme of things, $6-9/mo. is nothing at all….for the lowest level dedicated server hosting (for a small business) you can easily spend $300+ mo.

    • So far, my experience has been awesome with them! I’ve already called them three times, and they’ve always been great!

      I wish I would have went with them from the onset 🙂

  3. Good for you, now you won’t have any problem with the speed of your site. I wonder if you have any idea with the other hostings performances? Like godaddy or hostgator for example???